003: Panic Attacks And Its Multitude of Symptoms


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Welcome to Podcast Three from Your Panic Free Life series. I’m Annie Roy-Barker, founder of Your Panic Free Life. I’m very aware that Covid-19 and its inevitable restrictions on everyone’s life, is proving incredibly difficult for a tremendous amount of people. So, is it any wonder that panic attacks have become more prevalent? One attack leading to another, seemingly out of the blue. Or are they?
This podcast is about panic attacks and other symptoms that you may be experiencing as well. It’s unlikely that a person experiences panic attacks alone; other symptoms usually present themselves.
When I was hyperventilating, (caused by an incorrect breathing pattern, which is usually the cause of panic attacks), I had several quite ridiculous symptoms. Well they seemed ridiculous when I didn’t know what was causing them. And even more ridiculous when nobody else could tell me what was causing them either. In fact, I was frequently told they were ‘all in my mind’ and I didn’t take kindly to that because I knew they weren’t.
So I want you to please listen to the following short list of some of the symptoms you’re likely to be experiencing with your panic attacks. Free floating anxiety - that is anxiety that’s sort of floating all around you with no reason:

  • Excessive yawning and sighing, pins and needles in arms, legs, lips, maybe
  • Dry cough
  • Bowel problems impersonating IBS
  • Palpitations/rapid heart beat
  • Spaced out feelings – as if you’re dreaming
  • Numbness in lips, limbs, face
  • Excessive perspiration, particularly during the night
  • Pains in arms, legs, everywhere, shooting around
  • Nausea, dizziness, trembling

These are just a few of the symptoms that you may be experiencing.
The list is endless. So, if you’re having panic attacks, with or without other symptoms that don’t appear to have a cause, it’s highly likely that you’re hyperventilating - that is breathing in a dysfunctional way. And any amount of tests or examinations will always prove negative because Hyperventilation Syndrome does not show up in any tests or examinations - which is why even highly qualified, experienced, health professionals invariably say ‘there is nothing wrong with you.’
As for me, when I had conquered my dysfunctional breathing pattern and had learned how to breathe in the correct manner, my panic attacks and all other symptoms disappeared. And I haven’t had a panic attack in over thirty years.
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