Erich Schmidt - How to protect your social media (Protector Nation Podcast ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ) EP 24


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Erich Schmidt is a good friend who Iโ€™ve known for many years. Weโ€™ve seen each other evolve in different directions of the protection game for well over a decade now and itโ€™s always an honor when we get to work together. This is the second episode Iโ€™m doing with him and you can find the first one in season one ( These days Erich is a specialist who understands how to leverage technology for protection. Heโ€™s worked for local agencies all up and down the spectrum from the top of the game to those in between in order to rescue and protect good people. As the digital age continues to gain momentum, there are certain disciplines that we all must begin to consider if we are to keep ourselves safe. The reason for this episode is to help us understand how we can better protect ourselves, our loved ones and our clients from predators that lurk all around us in the cyber realm of this reality. These topics are not to be taken lightly as they have to do with ways that innocent people are victimized many times every single day. Erich is a man with an exemplary character whoโ€™s been behind the scenes fighting a silent battle that many people donโ€™t even know exists, it is a thankless job and for that, it is even more commendable. There is so much in this episode for everyone... ENJOY! For More Info, visit Instagram and Twitter: @dfir_erich LinkedIn: Protector by nature and by trade Byron

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