Breakdown: The Lovegoods!


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In this episode, we break down Xenophilius and Luna Lovegood. Enjoy!
· A huge thanks to Milly for this wonderful episode idea! Email if you want your idea featured on the show.

· To begin, we should lay a solid foundation for own characters. We’re looking both Xenophilius and Luna today because understanding one will help us know more about the other.

· We meet Luna in the Order of the Phoenix. It’s hard to know if Luna is joking or completely serious, which made for a strange but true introduction to her character.

· Harry meets Xenophilius at Bill and Fleur’s wedding at first. Harry was more used to the Lovegoods at that point, but it was still an unsettling encounter.

· Where do they fit into the story? Is it a big role? If they appear a bunch but don’t make a large difference, we shouldn’t consider them main characters. However, they do. Luna is the character that doesn’t really have a place. She’s pushed around and bullied, and Luna must find a place to settle, and does so in the DA. Xenophilius is in a similar boat. He doesn’t fit into any groups, so he must make his own. That element doesn’t go great, as the Death Eaters take Luna because of what Xenophilius was printing in the newspaper.

· So, do Xenophilius and Luna have a big role in the story? Well, they aren’t the main characters but also aren’t in the background. They aren’t horrible or great. Let’s start with Xenophilius. For importance, we’ll give him a 57/100. He doesn’t appear in many books, so he doesn’t have a higher score. For goodness, we’ll give him a 72/100. Xenophilius is a good person, but he did call the Death Eaters to take Harry away. Luna’s importance rating is an 81/100. She appears in more books and scenes than Xenophilius. For goodness, a 95/100 seems fair. Luna is a very good person who is honest and pure. It’s not 100 because her honestly might not be a great thing all the time.

· For the final part of the episode, let’s zero in on these characters and answer a question central about their character.

· How did Luna’s childhood influence who she was? It all comes down to the fact that Luna was raised by her father, Xenophilius. They share many traits. They dress the same, say the same things, and have similar habits. Although her personality might have been formed before she went to Hogwarts, her exposure to the outside world is what influenced her to be the way she is.

· Was Xenophilius right to call the Death Eaters on Harry? No. That’s the simple answer. However, his credit isn’t destroyed because it was Luna’s safety that was in the balance. Xenophilius had to make a gut decision and chose Luna over Harry. Not a bad way to go, but the train of thought wasn’t thought out very well. If Harry died and all good was killed, would Luna and Xenophilius have been spared? No. Xenophilius should have been honest and told Harry to look out for Luna if he could.
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