Why Young People Should Travel More With Yinka Odofin


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Hello Family, In this week's episode, I have a very special guest that will be exploring the idea of travel to us. Construction Engineer and Travel Enthusiast, Yinka Odofin, also known as Yinkzz shows young people the idea of living a fun-filled life with thrilling travel experiences. Please grab a cup of coffee or juice and relax as you listen to this exciting episode with lots of laughter and answered questions on all things travel. Find Our Guest on Social Media Youtube: @Yinkzz Instagram: @Yinka Odofin Facebook: @Yinka Odofin Follow Us on Social Media Instagram: @JustSayItPodcast Follow our Host on Social Media Instagram: @FavourOjika Youtube: @Favour Ojika Facebook: @Favour Ojika --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/favour-ojika/message

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