How I got into Corporate America with Tobe NNeji


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In this week's episode, the host is going to be interviewing a very special guest Tobe Nneji. Former Nigerian radio personality and host, Tobe Nneji shares her story of life, faith, and transition into Corporate America as a Nigerian Immigrant. Tobe is also an Agile Enthusiast whoโ€™s imbibed the practice of finding interesting day-to-day values by practical application of Agile recommended practices in daily life. She is passionate about deepening the Agile mindset beyond technology-focused value and into multiple spheres of human value attainment. As a coach and mentor, Tobe encourages young people to make better decisions to improve their quality of life through her story. Follow TobeNneji on Social Media -Youtube @Tobe Nneji -Instagram @IamTobeNneji -Twitter @Tobe Nneji Follow us on Social Media -Instagram @JustSayItPodcast --- Send in a voice message:

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