Democratic Disarmament is Upon Us


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Not one of you listening today was alive in the year 1919, but on June 28 of that year, the victorious Allied Powers in the First World War signed the Treaty of Versailles, formally ending the war that was supposed to end all wars. At that moment, the nation of Germany was decimated - economically, politically, and socially. Almost overnight, the German currency wasn't worth the paper printed on; a loaf of bread went from 2 Reichsmarks to 2-billion. The countries population was in ruin. German business was occupied by the foreign Allied Powers of Britain, France, and the United States. The pride of being German meant absolutely nothing. The people of Germany forgot who they were - their basic sense of pride led to the rise of a man who promised to restore their dignity, their sense of belonging. That man was Adolf Hitler. In just 20 years, Hitler and the Nazi Party transformed the nation and Europe's continent. Fundamental freedoms were stripped from everyday citizens, the right to vote, protest, assemble all gone. The right to religion, the freedom of speech, education, and property were all rights now dissolved. Everyone in Germany and across Europe was directly under the control of an authoritarian government. In just 20 short years, Germans went from defeat on the Western Front battlefield to defenseless, soulless shells of humans, who found themselves obeying a few. In just 20 years, Adolf Hitler and his radical government were responsible for actions that left 75-million people dead; 40-million of those civilians. The Nazi Party were radical, right-wingers, intolerant of those who disagreed with their political platform. Fast forward to today, the year 2020. The entire world again has been thrown into despair. This time, it wasn't armed conflict that led to economic, political, and social collapse. No, now, it is American, democratic disarmament due to a carefully thought-out and masterfully implemented strategy of today's American-liberals. Like in the 1930s under Hitler's power, a nation is under attack from within. The culprit? - its government! From its seat of power, radical politicians have infiltrated education and judicial systems. Leaders of the regime almost entirely control the media, and any resistance is met with absolute assault. The right to an unbiased education, the right to an accurate and free press, the right to religion and free assembly, and the right to defend your life and property are now all under attack from the United States government. In 1932, Hitler and the Nazis manipulated and stole the national elections that led to his power rise. In the year 2020, the American electoral system was stolen by the Democratic Party. And now, our nation and our people, like Germany and its citizens in the 30s and 40s, are on a collision course with disaster. History has returned - some of the worst actions in our world are back to haunt us, only this time, American finds itself as threatened by its government. Liberals in this country have one goal in mind, the lie, cheat and steal their way into power, and like Hitler before and during the Second World War, all adversaries are eliminated. Liberals in the country have crafted a way to take away your sense of pride and make you feel guilty for where you are in life and where you come from. And to replace, Democrats have institutionalized their way of thinking to replace what you know with what they want you to know and who they will demand you become. Our nation is fighting a silent war for survival - and if you do not believe me, you are part of the problem. Pacifism will get you nowhere - don't believe me? Please take a look at the 40-million civilians who paid the ultimate price in World War 2 for merely obeying what their government told them to do.

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