Who’s Really to Blame for a Possible Biden Presidency?


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We can see what is happening across America. For more than a generation, Joe Biden has failed in his position within the federal government, and ultimately, participated and played games to politically and put in danger the lives of Americans. That's right, during his tenure as Vice President, he and the liberal-messiah, Barack Obama, attempted to payoff nations like Iran, who are hellbent on destroying our country, and daily mention their disdain of our existence. Biden's stance has and will continue to be, we will not engage, and therefore, we will endanger America, our allies, and the world as a result of our negligence. On Monday, National Review reported that Hunter Biden's emails show $400,000 in unreported income from Burisma, revenue earned during his role on the Ukrainian natural gas company board. You all remember Burisma, the company that Daddy helped place his son in while serving as V.P., despite having no Ukrainian affairs or expertise in the oil or natural gas industry. According to the National Review report, this "$400,000 oversight" is nothing new. No, Hangover Hunter's former business partner, Eric Scherwin, then-president of Rosemont Seneca, wrote to Hunter via email in 2017, informing him that his 2014 income taxes would need to be amended this increase in income. Occasionally things are forgotten, but most people wouldn't mistakenly look over $400,000 bucks. Especially when that equates to 1/4 of the total income earned from one entity over one year. Give Daddy hip-hugging Hunter the benefit of the doubt. A lot has happened in his pathetic life over three years. In and out of rehab and court, coupled with continued drug use and late-night lap dances that turn into out-of-wedlock conceptions, and sure, a measly $400k could slip your mind. Joe Biden has and is aware of his son's private and personal affairs, and you know what, he doesn't give a rodent's rectum. And why? Because for Papa Biden and members of the left in this country, the rules do not apply and will never matter until Americans hold them and theirs responsible. Our nation, from its core, is weaker than dishwater. And no, I'm not just talking about Democrats. Further proof in point is the prompt resignation on Monday of Trump Attorney General William Barr. A man who promised law and order, but when the tough got doing, Barr got to sidestepping, and ultimately, denied any Democratic Party participating in the stolen election of 2020. Donald Trump didn't lose the election to just the Democrats and the lunatics on the far-left. No, he lost because politicians on both sides of the aisle hate Trump enough to the point to conspire to put him and his policies six-feet under the ground politically. Ladies and gentlemen, when elected, Donald Trump promised a political revolution - and that's just what he delivered. But, what Trump has handed us conservatives, we cannot make coward on. No, as conservatives and protectors of the Constitution, we better pony-up, and we better prepare ourselves for the long-haunt and the liberal onslaught that is ahead for America. The time to act has passed, but it is not too late to work. If you believe in freedom, the right to assemble, the right to bow to only your God and sleep with a shotgun by your bed to protect your family and property, you better wake up. The anti-American assault is upon us; arm your hands and your minds - for freedom is not free, and the fight has just begun.

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