Your Life and Liberty is on the Ballot


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We are just seven days away from confirming that for four years, despite the Democratic agenda and the "I got your back mantra" of today's liberal mainstream media, Donald Trump will, without a doubt, be reelected to lead our nation. That's right; I said it - barring backdoor, and backroom Biden Bolshevik business deals, when all the votes are counted, November 3, 2020, will be a repeat of November 8, 2016. You all know, the day that Hillary Clinton was forced to drown herself in her defeat in her ice-chilled champagne waiting for her and her celebration that never came. For far too long, our nation has been plagued with something far more sinister than sickness brought upon by the coronavirus. And that is, the socialistic movement to tear our country apart from the inside, and use imaginary guilt as a means to end to railroad communists thought into the hearts and souls of our Americans. Who do we have to blame for all of this? No, it isn't just the actions of Democrats. No, it is more of their irresponsibility, it is their fear, and it is the fact that a non-swamping, non-conforming, businessman like Donald Trump came to Washington and called open season on those who have made a lifetime career out of deceiving hardworking Americans into believing that they are nothing without government. Take a look at who is behind the liberal machine and its madness. You have Joe Biden, who wouldn't know the meaning of hard work if a short form was sewn on his shirt for starters. You see, for over 47 years, the man has been nothing, a laughingstock of American politics. And why, because Democrats in this country genuinely believe that the American People are stupid - easily manipulated into thinking that they cannot do any better and only by government interference and regulation can they somehow manage to get out of bed and face the harsh realities of this world. Do you know why socialism has never worked, ever in any society? It is because it is a legalized form of slavery. It is reversing the roles of the "haves and the haves not," if you will. But, instead of enticing and incentivizing reward through merit, for Democrats and those who "buy into" their Bolshevism theories, the only ones getting rich and prospering are the ones writing the rules. For nearly a generation, the American Democratic Party has attempted to appease through action those Americans who cannot and refuse to think for themselves. And what's saddening, there appears to be a slew of people who are just "ok" with eeking their way through life. Never demanding more, never attempting to understand that our God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said that life was ever fair. But he did say to practice two principles: love your God with all of your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. We are a nation now that has so many on the left side of the aisle that has never known Christ, and therefore, never understood his words to realize the difference between helping and enabling. Never make someone work, never to learn that partnerships take two parties to be successful is a fallacy and a foretold story of the disaster. We have seen this play out over and over again throughout history. If you want to know what true horror is, what real danger looks like, and what oppression a people could endure, look at every society that has tried socialism. Folks, there is a lot of things in life you may try - you may try a flavor of ice cream, heck, you may try a date with someone new, but you do not try and risk your liberties, you do not wager your way of life and the fibers of our nation's founding. No, when you get to a point when such a wager is on the line, you know that you have hit rock bottom. Don't believe me? Just ask any successful recovering addict. When everything or should be everything in your life is something you are willing to gamble on is considered an acceptable loss, you have lost everything. That is where many in our nation find themselves. They look to liberal ideologies - the promising of something that cannot be delivered - and why? Because you cannot do for someone that they can do for themselves. You cannot motivate someone to quit drinking or drugging until they are ready to do so - and if you do, disaster will follow. As Americans, it isn't our right and responsibility to carry others across the finish line. No, no, no, it is the right of us as a nation to hold ourselves accountable - that's right, I said the "A" word. Accountability. For some in this country, that makes them shudder and shake, for you see, that has been the left's best card in their Democratic deck of depletion - that is, until they got Trumped. For his first 3 1/2 years, Donald Trump has disproven the Democratic Dogma that has dismantled and diseased our nation's citizens. Our country has been better because Donald Trump has busted through the blind guilt and shame that Democrats use to leverage their liberal agenda. It wasn't Donald Trump that makes things racial and radical. No, it is the liberal politicians, like Joe Biden, and the pandering political pundits of mainstream and social media outlets that have criticized and chastised any channel that challenges their authority. That is why the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett scares the left to pieces - because, in ACB, our nation gets a faithful interpreter and illustrator of our nation's Constitution. For Democrats in this country, it isn't about faith; it isn't about passion; it is about payoffs and power. I ask every one of you to honestly think about how precious your faith and freedom practices are. How important is it to you? Worth fighting for - worth dying for? Is it worth it for you to roll over and die because an out-of-touch, doing nothing, do nothing Democrat as Joe Biden told you so?

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