If Biden Wins, Businesses Will Join Him in the Basement


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Three days ladies and gentlemen, that is what separates us from the socialistic purge designed by today's Democrats. I urge each of you to avoid the one-sided, heavy-handed attempt by today's liberal mainstream media to shelter Biden and the policies that will pollute our nation's political system and poison the livelihoods of our population. For those of you out there who may find yourself undecided and not yet cast your vote for president, the time is now for you to understand the systematic destruction that Biden and the Democratic Party will bring upon our economy. Biden doesn't know jobs - he doesn't know how to get them (unless you count the ones for his son, Hunter), and he surely doesn't know how to keep them. For nearly 47 years in office, including eight as Vice President in the Obama Administration, American jobs were eradicated at a record pace. Joe Biden and Barak Obama sold out the American People - to countries like China and Mexico. The North American Free Trade Agreement killed American manufacturing jobs - and unless you were a member of the Peoples Republic of China, or last name Biden, your employment and the livelihood of you and your family were heavily burdened. Take a look at what is occurring across our nation. The local, state, and federal Democratic Party response to the COVID-19 is a precursor of things to come in a Biden administration. Liberal-led states such as California, New York, and North Carolina have seen business close their doors, lay off hundreds and thousands of employees, or completely uproot their operations for greener, less restrictive political pastures. Due to liberal anti-gun policies and COVID-19 closures, Kimber Arms, a national leader in gun manufacturing, moved its headquarters from Yonkers, NY, to Troy, Alabama, and took 366 jobs with them. Remington Arms, as a direct result of liberal-backed anti-gun legislation and court rulings, will look to lay off 700 employees in New York as the company goes through bankruptcy proceedings. In California, due to their liberal-minded governor and local legislators, businesses are also preparing to vacate The Golden State. Earlier this year, California's COVID-19 response ordered companies such as Tesla and their 10,000 employees out of work. In response, company CEO, Elon Musk, threatened to move their operations to Austin, Texas - a move that has simmered-down a little but not ruled out for the future. In North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper has systematically destroyed small businesses. From bars and restaurants to shops and service providers, Cooper's liberal policies have ranked the state of North Carolina 2nd in the nation with reported job losses. Since March, Joe Biden and his cess-pool of socialistic supporters have demanded a federal and national mandate of mask-wearing and other more restrictive policies. Such an action would further kill American businesses, and you know what, Biden doesn't care. And why? Because for Joe Biden and members of the left, they have no business concept - for many liberals congressmen and women; they have never owned or operated a business. They lack the capacity and intelligence to understand the sacrifices that small companies make daily. As a small business owner and operator, you are the first one in the door and the last one to leave. Often, when times and money is short, you are also the last to get paid. For members of the left, this kind of concept skips their communist brain - you see, their mindset is, no worries, the government has the right to take over operations of all business, how what, and where you sale your goods or services; how much you pay your employees, and how much of your earnings you can retain. I am here to tell you that government has no right to tell you how you are to live your life - and that directly includes that running of your business. You see, in America, consumerism dictates business policy, no some out-of-touch, in it for themself, Democrat whose lifetime extent at business operation was a childhood roadside lemonade stand. For the Biden campaign, it doesn't matter how bad the stock market drops, and for them, they are too stupid to comprehend the direct correlation between company investment. In a traditional liberal fashion, the Biden campaign believes that American businesses should "pay their fair share," which is nothing more than saying they will tax the hell out of companies until their profits drop. As a result, their patrons can no longer afford to shop there. But for you listening today, you must understand the basic economic principle, something that has eluded Joe Biden for his near 50 years as a politician. Businesses are created to provide a good or service for a profit. They are to be both good stewards of their communities and but also to their investors. When overhead for a company increases, so do the price of their goods and services. Should a small business be forced by liberal legislation to increase its employees' hourly pay by almost double, the result will be that the products they sell or the services they render will increase in like kind. That gallon of milk that now costs $2.89 will immediately shoot up to perhaps $4.89 a gallon or higher. Biden's war of words and promised action against American oil and gas companies will most assuredly increase the overall cost in shipping, also increasing product cost. The left in this country would have you believe that being successful is being selfish - but I am here to set the record straight by saying socialism has never worked and will never work - the United States was founded on better. With your help, we will cement our conservative resolve against those who wish to tear America apart.

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