How to Scale an Agency Through the Better Use of Social Media Marketing with Jordan Platten


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Business and entrepreneurship are not just about the products and services you can offer. It also includes the strategic use of tools, like social media marketing. These tools allow you to reach more of your targets. However, how do you know if you are taking advantage of your social media assets in the best possible way?

Today, digital marketing expert and success coach Jordan Platten shares his tips on scaling an agency scaling and how we can all use our social media assets better. He will be talking about his experiences, lessons, and the rule of thumb when using social media for marketing.

Don’t miss this insightful episode! Sit back and tune in to the show.

About Our Guest

Jordan Platten, the founder of & author of The 15 Minute Agency, is a university kick out, author, and an entrepreneur from the UK. His expertise lies in the field of digital marketing and success coaching. In less than 90 days, Jordan scaled his marketing agency to six-figure profits with clients all over the world. It has been his life mission to help others in the pursuit of a better life by mentoring people of diverse backgrounds.

Scale Your Agency By Using Your Social Media Assets Better Jordan’s Beginnings
  • Jordan came from a middle-class family, not rich nor poor.
  • When he started working up the corporate ladder, he realized he’s not the type of person who wants to work for somebody else.
  • He found a spark in doing business, and it served as his motivation.
  • It was a college project that jumpstarted his marketing career.
  • The reason for him getting kicked out was him giving his full attention to the events company he was handling.
  • After he was kicked out, he became hesitant to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations.
What It Takes to Dive Into the World of Business
  • You will not succeed in business if you do not commit to it full time.
  • You may start with a side business to build your momentum.
  • Once you have a roof over your head and food to keep you full, you can then dive in.
Social Media Marketing Reminders
  • Have the discipline to stick to your targets.
  • You cannot control everything, but you can monitor what you do.
  • Remember that rejections, in the world of business, are perfectly normal.
  • If an opportunity comes your way, and you say yes without knowing anything about it, it forces you to start working on getting results.
Challenges in the World of Marketing
  • He said yes to his first every client without knowing how to get serious results for them.
  • This experience forced him to be serious about his path, and eventually, it all paid off.
  • He had little knowledge of running Facebook advertisements.
The Reality of the Social Media Marketing World
  • You can never truly understand it until you start implementing it.
  • You have to be willing to talk to people.
  • Movement is better than motivation.
  • Scarcity is one of the fundamentals of partnerships and exclusivity.
Advice for Struggling and Starting Entrepreneurs
  • It is reasonable to feel overwhelmed.
  • You do not need to invent something; you just have to refine something somebody else has already done.
  • Make your product or service better, make it your own, and make it unique.
  • There is so much opportunity online, where almost everyone is doing nearly the exact same thing.
  • Take the first step. Take the leap.
Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing
  • Many tend to let their pipeline slip completely. They drop everything to put their full attention on one call.
  • Pouring all your attention to that one prospect will kill your business in case of rejection.
  • People also tend to give up easily after one method or opportunity does not work for them.
  • They don’t realise that if they see things through, any of the methods they tried could have worked successfully.
Habits of Successful Business People
  • Successful people, in whatever career, have morning and daily routines.
  • Jordan treats mornings as absolute game-changers.
  • Every night, write down the list of things you want to achieve the next morning.
The Future of Social Media Marketing
  • There will be a lot of changes in social media marketing.
  • As a business owner, Jordan advises everyone to be very liquid and be up for the change.
  • Start looking into augmented reality and put it into emerging e-commerce stores.

Want to know more about maximizing the use of your social media assets? Check out Jordan’s website! You may also connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.


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