#248 Godsey, Full Temple Reset, Part Deux


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We freestyled for a solid hour:forty-five plus yall! We obviously sprinkle in some true Full Temple Reset topics, but there are just so many gems in this one. Come join us in Lockhart for the event and learn about your body, mind, spirit. As always, Love yall!

Fit For Service - Full Temple Reset

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Show Notes:

  • KKP #234 Full Temple Reset Round 1
  • Kyle’s addition to Godsey’s Spiritual Bypass insight:
    • Spiritual bypassing describes a tendency to use spiritual explanations to avoid complex psychological issues (Ref: Picciotto G, Fox J, Neto F. A phenomenology of spiritual bypass: Causes, consequences, and implications. J Spiritual Ment Health. 2018;20(4):333-354. doi:10.1080/19349637.2017.1417756 ). The term was first coined during the early 1980s by a transpersonal psychotherapist named John Welwood in his book Toward a Psychology of Awakening. According to Welwood, spiritual bypassing can be defined as a "tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks Ref: Tricycle. Human nature, Buddha nature. An interview with John Welwood ).
    • As a therapist and Buddhist teacher, Welwood began to notice that people (including himself) often wielded spirituality as a shield or type of defense mechanism. Rather than working through hard emotions or confronting unresolved issues, people would simply dismiss them with spiritual explanations.
    • While it can be a way to protect the self from harm or to promote harmony between people, it doesn't actually resolve the issue. Instead, it merely glosses over a problem, leaving it to fester without any true resolution (Ref: What Is Spiritual Bypassing, by Kendra Cherry. 12-6-20. Verywell mind https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-spiritual-bypassing-5081640 ).


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