Daniel Coman - ยฟAm I too Old for Executive Protection? (EPL Season 4 Podcast EP132 ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ)


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I'm honored to interview Daniel Coman in this episode of the Executive Protection Lifestyle podcast. He's been working with me on a few projects inside the industry and I've known him for quite some time now. Daniel entered the industry when he turned 60, and if you think that it's too late to join an industry like ours, you should listen to this entire episode. He's also one of the patrons of the Executive Protection Training Day Succes Package and during the course of the interview, he talks about how this course helped him to stay in the EP game. Daniel also gives a few important tips for the older guys and girls looking to get into the executive protection industry. Most importantly, Daniel talks about what motivates him to be in this industry, he delves into his past a little bit and explains why he loves to be an agent. He's been with us in all of the Protector Symposiums because he truly was a protector at heart. And today he's out there doing what he always wanted to do by the grace of God. Through his hard work, dedication and execution of a very deliberate strategy, he has put the goal of working full-time in our industry in his rearview mirror. Itโ€™s been one of the greatest honors of my life to help many agents do this through the Training Day Success Package. At the end of the day, Daniel came to me as an amazing man and therefore he organically makes an amazing agent. Maturity is an advantage in life as well as in executive protection, employers and clients both know this. If an older agent can keep himself physically potent and formidable, there are many situations and lots of clientele that would actually prefer this individual on the job. Thereโ€™s much for all of us to learn from Daniel, whether itโ€™s his escape from communism or getting into executive protection, thereโ€™s something in this episode for everyone. If you're also someone looking to get into the Executive Protection industry, visit https://www.executiveprotectiontrainingday.com/ Protector by nature and by trade Byron Rodgers

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