A Discussion With Podcasters Cristina Amigoni And Alex Cullimore About Being Our Authentic Selves


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What would you do if you want to be promoted in your job? You would most likely change the way you speak to your boss. You would do things that you normally wouldn't do. Now, you may get that promotion but are you truly being your authentic self? Learn how to get that promotion while still being yourself. Join your host, Stephen Jaye and his guests, Cristina Amigoni and Alex Cullimore, on how to be your authentic self. Cristina and Alex are the hosts of the Uncover the Human podcast and the Co-Founders of Siamo. Understand how you can create your own personal values and boundaries so that you can find your true self. --- Listen to the podcast here: A Discussion With Podcasters Cristina Amigoni And Alex Cullimore About Being Our Authentic Selves One thing that I sincerely believe is that we are in a period of transformation. We are embracing a new way of thinking. Some of these new ways of thinking involve what we believe as far as potential competitors and collaborators. In the old days, people would say oftentimes, “If you want to do something new, you have to either be unique in your idea, bring something completely new to the world or you need to outcompete anyone else that's doing anything similar, that traditional view of competition.” We are looking at a lot of people that are doing similar things in this world and saying to ourselves, “We can collaborate because not everyone reaches the same audiences, the same people with the message like how musicians can have similar lyrics but in different genres and bring the same message to different groups of people. They are not a person that appeals to everyone.” One thing I say about my particular show is that I'm trying to encourage people to broaden their horizons, open themselves to new ideas and go for the things that they care about. That's all of you in the audience. Whatever your idea is, I want to encourage you to consider following your true passions. There are a lot of people out there doing it. Tony Robbins has been doing this for years but Tony Robbins isn't reaching everyone the same way. Pitbull isn't necessarily reaching everyone with his From Negative to Positive podcast but he's reaching a whole new audience. To embrace this kind of frame of mind, my guests are podcasters, Alex Cullimore and Cristina Amigoni. They cover topics quite similar to mine. Their podcast is called Uncover the Human. I would like to welcome you to the show. Thank you so much, Stephen. Thank you. The first question I want to ask is, how did the idea of Uncover the Human come together? What made you decide that you were going to do this and bring this message to your audience? Honestly, it started a lot over a bunch of happy hours. We started working at a company for a long time and we kept talking about, “How do we make this a little bit better experience for people?” We kept coming back to the people's side of things. “How does this relate to how people interact with each other on a day-to-day basis? How can we bring that more into the workplace?” The more we talked about it, we came up with all of these concepts and tons of research. I have a bookshelf full of books that we put together in the first six months there and we have continued adding to that list. We enjoyed talking about, “How do you bring more people to this?” We want to do consulting or coaching in that space and that started to grow. COVID happened and that shut down. We had always wanted to launch something like a podcast or write books around these topics. The podcast became the go-to method to get the message out and talk more about interacting as humans. In my show, I always begin every episode, “Your antidote to the mindset that keeps you settling for less.” For Uncover the Human, what would you say is your core message that you are trying to get to your audience? When we were thinking about the topic, the overall umbrella of the podcast,

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