๐Ÿค“ Mini-Teachable-Moments with April: THE LAW OF GIVING AND RECEIVING


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Spirit left the second Spiritual Law of Success for last in my Mini-Teachable-Moments series. As always, divine timing. The second Spiritual Law of Success is the Law of Giving and Receiving. So much of who we are exists within our power. Our true power is our focus and ability to choose. As we listen to what Deepak and Spirit say about Giving and Receiving, we must remember to utilize our power. When the Soul is ready clarity appears.

Based on Deepak Chopraโ€™s work, โ€œThe Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,โ€ April takes you on a journey of self-exploration and magical unfolding! Click through to listen to the other six Laws of Spiritual Success. This is the How, the When, and the Why we need right now. Breathe. Let go. Let grace. #SpiritPosse

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