Episode 9: Professor McCall & Dr. Schmitt - The Added Dilemma of Self-mutilation and the mRNA Pseudo-vaccines


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This is a recording of an interview between Professor Brian McCall of Catholic Family News and Dr. David Schmitt on December 30, 2020.
At the time of the recording, the Moderna- and Pfizer-brand "vaccines," such as they are called, were newly available. Some Catholic bishops warned their flocks not to take these injections because of their being "tainted" by the involvement of materials or processes derived from the abortion of human fetuses. Regrettably, the principal organization of American bishops and bishops elsewhere, along with the two living popes, recommended taking these claimed vaccines without fear of ethical complications. We submit that these recommendations were gravely in error and that the arguments that purportedly mitigate culpability are inadequate. On this matter Bishop Athanasius Schneider has spoken extensively and the reader is advised to seek out easily available resources where he and others explain his position.
Dr. Schmitt and Professor McCall discuss another complicating, moral dilemma. That is, deliberate manipulation of the human genetic library is a form of self-mutilation that could not be more profoundly contrary to Nature and God's Law.
For reference, see The Catechism of the Catholic Church, PART THREE, LIFE IN CHRIST, SECTION 2, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, CHAPTER TWO, "YOU SHALL LOVE YOR NEIGHBORS AS YOURSELF, " ARTICLE 5, THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT, Respect for bodily integrity, 2297: "Except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law."
As we are now seeing, these nucleic acid pharmaceutical agents are being developed not merely with some vaccine-like properties (though that is arguable) but also as platforms with unlimited potential to serve as platforms for redesigning the human being--not through God's means--but rather by the will of Man without considering divine ends. This act of usurpation of biological identity and function is accomplished by the commandeering of the production of proteins for purposes other than therapeutic correction of disorders. An Aristotelian and Thomistic perspective provides the necessary clarity for countering these violations.
Disturbingly, the alteration of the genetic library of cells, the DNA, can already be accomplished towards nefarious ends such as immoral control of one's reproductive and sexual capacities, bioweaponry, demographic targeting (as for example the elderly), and for modification of personality, the faculties enabling the expression of the virtues and even the diminution of the fullness of, or the destruction of, personhood.
The concern is raised in this conversation between Professor McCall and Dr. Schmitt that Catholics and others rightly concerned about the relationship of some products to abortion may be being maneuvered to accept putatively "abortion-free" products for the purpose of habituating the public into acceptance of the genetic modification of human beings through these platforms [the following specification added in post-production] and others, such as the CRISPR technique.
If you have questions, you may contact Dr. Schmitt at
and Professor McCall through the Catholic Family News website, where he is the editor,
The original recording was presented at CFN under the title, "More Ethical Dilemmas for the COVID Vaccines: Interview with Dr. David Schmitt."

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