The confession of the Democrat Party


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A quick intro into what the Time Magazine Article means.

Thomas Talleyrand 0:00
Welcome to the popular cast. So Friday, we found out that President Trump was right. That revolver was right, and that we just experienced a color revolution. On Friday, Time Magazine, released an article explaining exactly how the Democratic Party and Obama operatives, conspired with big tech and big labor to overthrow the election. There's no other way to say it. What they did was they changed the roles illegally in many cases, and made it easier for people to vote in such a way that being competent that their votes were counted for Lee is suspect. And the reason that they did this is apparently to ensure that no matter how well did they could generate enough votes to overcome any problems that he might have. You know, the easiest place to see this is in Georgia, but also in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada. Those are the big states, I think it's six states that represented enough issues that Trump should have won the election had prior uses of election or ballot integrity been upheld. However, one thing that they did is that they follow the color revolution playbook. The color revolution has been around for a long time it can be used against the Soviet Union, it was used against Eastern Bloc countries for very, very effectively. That's what it was developed for. And then it's also been used, and other countries. America wants to overthrow a government. You know, this is what happens when you let a when you have a media that demonizes anybody, instead of honestly reporting the fact there were so many things with Trump to be upset about that had the immediate just reported the fact that Trump might not have ever got a chance to win. There's no way that Biden has ever been able to overtake Trump without this shadowy cabal to use time and article terminology, providing him help. Now the question that we need to look at is what they did legal? Did they violate any laws in the process? Doing what they did with the election? And the answer on part of it is obviously no free speech is a double edged sword times. And if you believe in it, then you must believe in it, whether it benefits you or not. While I think it is immoral and indefensible to lay that the press covered Prop, due to the outrageous number of absolute falsehoods and lies, I do think that they have the ability to demonize anybody they want, especially in public life. The situation with MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and some extent fox news is that they are talking about a person. And as long as they have some reason to think what they're saying might be true. They're not being malicious about it, that they have the right to say it. So what they did was a a propaganda campaign. That is pretty standard in any type of coup preceded by a propaganda campaign in this type of color revolution playbook.

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And they demonized Trump, often, falsely, but still at work. So they made a situation to where if you were a person thinks of yourself as a law abiding citizen and a honest person. They're sitting at your apartment that you just moved in. Two years ago. Let's had 15 people live there, and had gets 15 mail in ballots mailed, mailed to it. What would you do to stop literally, Hitler. I mean, the guy put kids in cages, he probably didn't even feed them, or let them go to the bathroom. I mean, he's as evil as it gets. He wouldn't let illegal immigration flourish because of the amount of people trying to get into this country that are abused and taken advantage of when they do so. Not only is he literally Hitler, but he was controlled by Putin. Not only was he controlled by Putin, but he only liked tyrants. And he was tyrannical. I mean, he wrote or signed an executive order that banned the Muslims. I mean, it didn't actually ban Muslims, it actually just banned some people coming in from certain countries that happened to be mostly Muslim countries, although not all of them were because they didn't have the proper way to find out. People were before they got here. I mean, that's the sense in most places, but with Democrats who are weaponizing, the fact that they're throwing it, because they didn't win the last election, and power is everything, and you have absolutely zero moral compass. But I digress. If you're sitting there as a woke person who is so triggered by the fact that a guy who is crashes in the opposite bin, you will do anything to stop, literally Hitler, literally do anything. And you have those 15 mallets sitting there on the couch, there staring at you in the face. And you're looking at those 15 ballots, you're saying no one ever gets in trouble for voter fraud. And, you know, they're talking about how secure mail in ballot is, I guess if I build these out, I bet these people taught me to because literally, everyone hates Hitler, and Trump is Hitler. Literally, Trump is Hitler. Let me say that again. Literally. Trump is the worst person to ever exist. Planet I am concerned. So, you know, filling out those extra 15 ballots. That that will help, right? I mean, I'm doing a good thing. This is like giving extra money at church on Sunday to offset something I did on Monday. In the workers on religion, doing an extra few ballots for Trump, to get Trump out of office is the right thing to do. So how did the shadowy cabal then ensure that your 15 ballots versus the one got counted? Or let's say it was only three. But you feel good, because you sent those grades. You sent in three extra ballots to make sure that that terrible, awful, terrible person that had kids in cages, and that wouldn't let poor illegal immigrants die in the desert, I would never spend another day in office. You sent them in shadow, he kobold made sure that you got your ballot. All three of them are all 15 of or maybe another 30. But however many ballots you decided to mail in how to the available ballot that you had to mail in, were counted. Or maybe even went a step further. You had extra ballots sent to a post office about you've had extra ballots sent to a parking lot like happened in Georgia, or you got ballot for dead relatives that you just know what a porter Trump, excuse me supported, getting out of the office. And you know what maybe he would have or she would have,

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maybe you're honoring them. Or maybe you went up and you got the ballot from the nursing home for your grandmother or grandfather who would have voted against Trump no matter what. But they were sure they were experiencing dementia, and you're just helping them out and make sure that they're taking care If you never know, their health care at any second, and the shadowy cabal made sure that your civic duty casting the few extra ballot was taken care of. This is how I think the Shadow Work. I don't know that it was necessarily illegal under the law. It's immoral. It's a threat to democracy. And, yes, we are a democratic. Like, there is a democracy involved in the Republic part. Unfortunately, that means people are gonna vote against your interest at times because their interests are different than yours. How did this shadowy cabal make sure that you got your ballots? Well, one thing that they did was they invested a lot of money. We know Mark Zuckerberg gave over 300 million himself to put up ways to collect ballots without China. I'm sure that that was totally normal. There's nothing to be seen here. Nobody would have ever stop those ballot box with the illegal ballot, because it literally Hitler that they were trying to get rid of I'm sure that they would want to err. They wouldn't want to be fair to literally Hitler. So with these Zuckerberg boxes, which were all over the country, and I pray to God that he did some in Texas. But Ken Paxton can dream. With these boxes that had no chain of custody, you've already broken the chain of custody we notice happened in Georgia. Now, did anyone take advantage of it? We don't know yet. Because no one will let us verify the signatures, do a complete forensic audit. Know what they did was they sent us down a trail, or actually they sent Sidney Powell and Lynn wood down a trail. Trying to say that Dominion was the root cause dominion, voting machines are likely not be blamed for any of this issue. But what they're playing on in this and there's always a little bit of truth in any kind of fraud is that everyone hears every election about some voting machine that is flipping vote from one candidate to another. And usually this is an a Democrat, or a Republican stronghold, where people notice, hey, I'm getting a receipt back a different person than I voted for, then they investigate that particular machine. And it comes down to a calibration error from the tech guy being too quick and not calibrating all of the machines individually, and he's using the same code for different the same machine. So excuse me, the same code for different machines. So what happens is you get one machine for it slightly off as an auto correct, try to get the right voter and from the screen that they get bounces to the vote to the wrong candidate. So there's nothing illegal there. It's just a mistake. It's user error. It's all comes razor. It's not this great thing of trying to steal ballots. It's a frickin guy who was either overworked had too many machines to do, or was just lazy. And I think it's probably more overworked than anything else. I think people make more mistakes, being overworked, or having to work faster than they laziness. Usually, when you're lazy, you're still accurate. Didn't go the right route. But, you know, shortcuts are shortcuts and people do what they do. But if you notice the election coverage, the coverage of Trump's buttes with election. That's what the coverage focused on was these outlandish claims that Dominion for some reason, a company owned by the Carlyle Group, but dan quayle george bush's of the world set out to disenfranchise a bunch of voters

Thomas Talleyrand 14:36
and such an obviously illegal, easy to catch way. The way that dominion is acting is not helping, but I think that they are innocent of doing the stuff that they've been that it's been alleged that they did. However, this information was this information was used To record all election challenges, that actually challenged the constitutionality and legality of the way that the election was contested in certain parts, brings us back to our shadowy cabal, the shadowy cabal cluded emotional leftist who are now in the Biden administration, or big tech, or some Republicans who are but part of a Lincoln project with their pedophilia. Guy Weaver thinks his name who allegedly has been grooming under age Man, these stalwarts of society that were protecting us from literally Hitler. There's a republican congressman that was involved, there was Bill crystal ball turned into just a blue lunatic. But basically, they said out, make it easier for your vote counted by breaking the chain of evidence, or the chain of custody, that most elections have required up until this one. And they also BLM as a threat against the commerce or at least, that's what the article tries to span. I don't know that that's, like true, I think we'll learn more that Chamber of Commerce, his motivation was their hatred of Trump's immigration policies. Because the Chamber of Commerce is very pro immigration exploitation, they love being able to exploit illegal aliens. So I'm gonna probably wrap it up for today. It's heading into 20 minutes. By the time intro, and stuff put on, I kind of went up on a few tangents. But I want to get this episode out, and I'm gonna get into a deep dive over the next several days. We're gonna talk about who these people are. Notice that when you read this article, which I'm gonna link in the show notes, notice who is involved. And there are actually no conservatives involved. There's guiding wants to say, but really, that's about it. The Chamber of Commerce is no conservative. And they've been anti Trump and anti republican for a long time. The leader of the Chamber of Commerce just resigned. I'm sure there's a lot of blowback, but I'm not sure he was the reason that he that he had to resign. So there's a lot more to get into. I wanted to get this out. For those of you not watching the Super Bowl tonight, give you something to listen to. Once again, this is Thomas Talleyrand. Thank you for returning, for tuning in for downloading for listening. I love you and God bless you.

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Good night.

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