Democrats Want to Steal The Court and Our Country


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We all knew that immediately following the reported death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, the awol-American establishment, led by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Run-Amuck Chuch Schumer, would take the legacy of this great lady and spin it into their version of socialism and perverted Democratic-justice for these United States of America. As I have already reported, Justice Ginsburg didn't care for Donald Trump; in fact, her displayed disdain for him was quite evident. And now, based on the testament of Ginsburg's granddaughter, Clara Spera, we are to honor the dying wish of a woman who was appointed by ole' Slick Willy, Bill Clinton and confirmed by the Democratic-controlled 103rd Congress. Please don't take my comments out of context; in 1996, the Democratic White House and Senate took the steps as allowed and outlined by our Constitution to place Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to the Supreme Court. During this time, the people who cast their ballots believed that somehow, someway, that Democrats offered a better future for this country. Now, we all know that was hardly the case - but the Democratic Party upheld their policies and promises to the American people and seated a liberal judge to our nation's highest court. Folks, now, due to the sheer hatred for our nation's president, Democrats and their minion forces have mended together to deny the American people who cast their ballots in 2016 their right to ensure that Donald Trump and the Republican-majority Senate have their turn to nominate and vote for a conservative replacement for RBG. Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear that liberal-Democrats in this country have yet again illustrated their ignorance to the unwillingness of the American people to follow their lead into the depths of despair. And now, we have the left, and the mainstream media, using Justice Ginsburg's liberal granddaughter as the megaphone of anti-MAGA commentary. For those of you who don't know, Ginsburg's granddaughter is not some little girl in pigtails, no, no, no, she, like her grandmother, is a liberal-attorney, hell-bent on pursuing and motivating the left's agenda. Active within the American Civil Liberties Union's Reproductive Freedom Project, one of Clara Spera's most famous quote is "All women—not just those of means—should be able to make the best decision for herself and her family about whether and when to have children without undue state or political interference." So, suppose you are listening to this. In that case, if you have anything other than female anatomy parts within you, you have no right to reproduce or extend the count within your family - even if you were participatory with your partner, along with Almighty God, to create the life and breath of a child. But suddenly, and without influence, we are to submit and believe the words of Clara Spera - because her, like her deceased grandmother, know what is best for this country, and that is, despite their undying hatred for Donald Trump, there is no more room for conservatism on our nation's highest court. I'm so sick and tired of listening to the whiny wannabe pundits of CNN and MSNBC who parade and praise those who are claiming that "oh, it is so unfair what the Republicans are attempting to do." Behind the guise of defrauding the 2020 Election, it is evident that Democrats do not care about votes cast in 2016 against them. No, no, they only wish to extend their pipe dream in thinking that they do and do nothing Democrat as Joe Biden can somehow remove Donald Trump from The White House. For the left, nothing else matters, and anything else would be a sheer failure for their socialistic-agenda. I am concerned about our country. I spend a lot of time reading and investigating today's issues to gain knowledge and perspective on current events. But, no matter how much I dig, I cannot, for the life of me, begin to understand the Democratic-Dogma that is plaguing our nation. In today's America, it is OK for hostile, liberal activists and attorneys to call an elected African-American leader a racist, and advise him to stop eating "coon flakes," and fingering him as an "Uncle Tom," all because he denies Democrat's desperate pleas to join their lawlessness. On Madcow-MSNBC, black activists refer to the Attorney General of Kentucky as a skin-folk but not kinfolk over his handling and Grand Jury decision not to proceed with murder charges against the 3 law enforcement officers who defended their life against gunfire, which tragically took the life of Breonna Taylor. Liberals love madness. Under the cloak and dagger of anti-conservative, Democratic muddy principles, America is deteriorating from within. Our nation's people are losing their lives and their liberties, and what's worse, many do not even know it. For too long, they are have been too dependent on government, sheepishly heading to the socialistic-slaughter that will only end in disaster for our nation's democracy. Folks, the fight has just begun. The conflict against conservatism is here; the battle lines are drawn. Arm your body, mind, and soul - freedom is not free - and only the strong-willed will survive the socialist-purge.

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