The Crisis at the US Postal Service is bringing this country to its knees S3E3


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The Crisis at the US Postal Service is bringing this country to its knees 7-09-21

Season 3, Episode 3

Opinion Columnist Ray Hanania takes on the topic that so few members of the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress and the Biden White House don't want to address, the failure of the US Post Office to do its work, in this episode of Ray Hanania on Politics, July 9, 2021.

Hanania talks about what he has learned from talking to some of the few USPS employees who are still working who complain that many of the USPS employees are at home collecting wages and using the Coronavirus as an excuse to stay home, not work and collect their salaries.

The USPS bureaucracy has failed to provide answers, failed to release documents through FOIA and made every possible excuse to cover up their behavior. The mail is not being delivered. People are complaining about long delays days, weeks and Deven months and the impact is devastating to the public and taxpayers who pay the salaries of these employees who are at home collecting the full wages. The biggest victims are Senior Citizens who rely on snail mail more than any other group. They don't like to use online systems to pay their bills.

And the biggest exploiters of the system are the Banks which charge exorbitant fees to block checks that have been "lost" in the mail. Those letters are not lost. They are sitting in undelivered piles at the US Post Offices around the country because the post office refuses to crack down on the COVID laziness, the COVID excuse. Employees can stay home and collect their money and do nothing thanks to mismanagement from the US Post Office.

What needs to happen is the White House, U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress need to convene investigations immediately into this crisis, and they need to start firing those over paid Post Office executives. Fire them and put new leaders in charge. Promote those few employees who are dedicated and are still working at their jobs and are not using COVID as an excuse. There are many great Postal Workers who deserve praise and they should be put in charge.

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