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While existing research has covered the relationships of structures and strategies, there is a gap with regards to the influence of the structures of the organization and the performance during a crisis. Links for research papers and articles :
In the virtual world of the Open Source Software Community and in Online Games, the users manage to circumvent spatial dimensions to identify and share and overwhelming amount of complex, tacit knowledge. These skills, particularly the ability to adapt in a changing venue, are important in today's organizations. The purpose of this research is to i…
Link to this and other papers The issue is whether spatial dimensions of the hybrid traditional office & virtual offsite workforce are creating another barrier to sharing complex, tacit knowledge.
The overall objective of this paper is to identify the influence, if any, of the hybrid work environment on the fabric of the organizstion; specifically changes in the nodes and links and in "structural holes" (Burt, 1992).
More than 25 years ago, social psychologist Faye Crosby discovered that "most women are unaware of having personally been victims of gender discrimination and dent it even when it is objectively true and they see that women in general experience it" (Ibarra, Ely, & Kolb, 2013).
Essentially, the problems of communicating knowledge-sharing across departments, divisions, and companies are further complicated for the combined virtual and traditional work teams. Even when the knowledge had been shared, employees face a plethora of issues ranging from interpretation to applying it correctly.…
The specific topic, the evolving environment of hybrid (virtual traditional) transnational organizations, is presented through the subtopics of organizational structure, design, management, and human resource policies and practices. Paper
See Powerpoint Presentation Current data, from sources such as the Wells Fargo International Business Indicator, identify that understanding 'doing business' in another country will gain importance. However, retailers successful in their home country, are challenged, and sometimes fail, when expanding in the global m…
The central questions are: How do business processes change because of the Hybrid (Virtual / Traditional) Work venue? What effect is there, if any, on the organizational structure?
Overall, there is a "changing perception around location and working hours"; thereby, contributing to an increase in hybrid (virtual/ traditional) office work policies and practices.
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