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Hey! Ya’eh’teh! Welcome to the “2 Rez boys, 1 war pony” Podcast show Join your hosts Anthony Bunny and Mike Bidtah As they attempt to catch their War pony and gather knowledge of our beloved homeland right here in the Navajo reservation. A place where many things happen on a daily and have great stories. They will share news, stories, and uplift the spirits with great life experiences of living on and off the Rez! All while sharing the laughter! Now let’s catch this pony! Email: 2rezboyz@gma ...
Я помогаю взрослым профессионалам найти себя и реализовать потенциал. Мои подкасты - это разговоры с моими клиентами об их историях. Искренне, полезно, по-настоящему.
The Rez is set in a distant future in which an AI called JEF orchestrates and caters for all human wants, fulfilment is gained through conspicuous consumption, and personal worth is measured by social media attention and the latest instant ‘body mods’. Our two main characters Preen (a shallow influencer grappling with a knock to his status) and Sav (a nerdy outcast who misses her Gran and struggles to communicate her feelings), stumble upon an ancient phone that has been hacked to allow comm ...
Pozycja obowiązkowa dla każdego, kto interesuje się bieżącymi wydarzeniami kulturalnymi. Katarzyna Janowska i jej goście gwarantują najwyższej jakości przegląd wydarzeń kulturalnych, których nie można przeoczyć. To też świetna podpowiedź dla osób szukających sprawdzonych rekomendacji, aby z szerokiej oferty cotygodniowych premier wybrać najlepsze filmy, spektakle, koncerty, książki, festiwale, wydarzenia, a także okazja do poznania młodych twórców, artystów, malarzy, fotografów.
You ask, I answer your web development and design business questions. 🚀 Struggling with a client? Want to build recurring revenue but unsure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Have a client that's always late? Want to get clients who respect you? This is the show for you 2 times a week.
Welcome to The Rezilir Way! In this show, we’ll be covering numerous aspects of science-based topics ranging from healthy living to chronic health conditions. We’ll be interviewing top scientists and doctors from around the globe and answering questions about these conditions. We are a team of world-class practitioners that are certified in the ReCODE and the Bredesen Protocol™, Shoemaker Protocol and Terry Wahls Protocol®. We focus on the revision of chronic disease, specializing in early-o ...
El Santo Rosario con música cantada para Anna Johnstone - muchas gracias a Anna. También gracias a Radio Maria. Totus2us está dedicado a Nuestra Señora. El lema de Juan Pablo II fue a Maria: “Totus Tuus” - “Todo Tuyo”. María es también “Everything to us” – “Totus 2us”. Se puede visitar a escuchar más podcasts.
Será que conhecemos bem a história da nossa terra? As suas personalidades e as lendas de Viseu? É isso mesmo que vamos descobrir neste programa que coloca à prova os nossos conhecimentos de história. Jorge Adolfo Marques é o historiador residente que nos conduz no caminho mais aproximado da verdade.
Hier findest Du unsere Rezepte aus dem Radioprogramm zum nochmal in Ruhe Anhören als Podcast und natürlich Nachkochen. Melde Dich, wenn Du Fragen hast oder auch wenn es geschmeckt hat :-). Ausserdem gibt es hier kulinarische Interviews, Reiseerlebnisse und vieles, vieles mehr was das Leben lecker sein läßt. Immer und überall, jederzeit wenn Du Lust darauf hast.
El Santo Rosario como lo rezaba el Padre Pío de Pietrelcina. Recemos el Santo Rosario todos los días. La Virgen María dijo en Fátima a los tres pastorcitos: "Muchas almas van al infierno, porque no hay quien rece ni se sacrifique por ellos" "Recen el Santo Rosario todos los días y no ofendan más a Dios que ya está muy ofendido"
Wahrscheinlich haben wir alle es schon erlebt: Unser Körper und unsere Gesundheit sind eng damit verbunden, ob wir gestresst oder ausgeglichen sind. Auch die moderne Wissenschaft zeigt immer mehr, welche erstaunlichen Wechselwirkungen zwischen unserer Psyche und unseren körperlichen Vorgängen bestehen. Warum solltest du also nicht das, was du immer bei dir dabei hast - deine Gedanken - dafür nutzen, um leichter gesund zu werden und zu bleiben? Bei „gute Gedanken auf Rezept“ gibt es deshalb T ...
Gabriel Escamilla, Krystian Rodríguez y el Gato Volador, se ponen al frente de los micrófonos de la ZETA para hacer todo lo que tu les digas. Lo mejor de la música, regalos, concursos, humor y mucha diversión en secciones como… OPERACIÓN CUPIDO, LA COMPLAZETA, CHISTEANDO ANDO, LA RISOTERAPIA, EL QUE BONITO, LA REFLEXION, EL KARAOKE, EL YO QUIERO, LOS HOROSCOPOS y mucho más, en un programa creado para entretenerte y hacerte pasar una mañana, sensacional.
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Welcome to another story of the 2 rez boyz shenanigans, making a movie, and the good sex judgment "How do you know you good at sex?" our movie consists of action and mystery ayye!! email: Social Media:저자 Another 4th World Productions
Are you heading out on a long car ride this summer or looking for your next big listening adventure? Well we’re here to remind you about our hit show Six Minutes, the most downloaded family audio drama in history! We’re sure many of you have listened already, but if you haven’t, we’re dropping the first episode in your feed today, and it’s only one…
MÚSICAFrédéric Chopin - Prelude in E minor Op 28 No 4(CD) Chad Lawson: The Chopin Variations (on piano, violin and cello)© Magnatune – DOS TEXTOSP. Paulo Terroso--LEITORESPaulo Nogueira (pontos)Maria Helena Falé (textos bíblicos)저자 PASSO A REZAR
MÚSICAJohann Sebastian Bach - Suite 2 in D Minor Menuet 1 and 2(CD) Daniel Estrem: Bach Cello Suites on 8 String Guitar© Magnatune – DOS TEXTOSP. Mário Garcia, sj--LEITORESTeresa Almeida(pontos)André Rodrigues (textos bíblicos)저자 PASSO A REZAR
MÚSICAAnonymous - Sequentia - Psallat Ecclesia(CD) Vox Nostra: Vocal music of the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris in the year 1200© Magnatune – DOS TEXTOSMarina Santos, aci--LEITORESAndré Rodrigues (pontos)Teresa Almeida (textos bíblicos)저자 PASSO A REZAR
Rainn and Reza sit down with Tv Show Creator Mike Schur to ask themselves, "Are You A Good Person?" @RainnWislon @Reza Aslan Special Thanks To Our Sponsors: Magic Spoon: Go to to grab a variety pack and try it today! And be sure to use our promo code MILKSHAKE at checkout to save five dollars off your order! Wondrium: Right…
MÚSICAMarc-Antoine Charpentier - Canticum Ad Beatam Virginem Mariam(CD) Le Concert des Nations & Jordi Savall: M. A. Charpentier à la Chapelle Royale de Versailles© Alia Vox – DOS TEXTOSMarina Santos, aci--LEITORESAndré Rodrigues (pontos)Teresa Almeida (textos bíblicos)저자 PASSO A REZAR
What would become of the 2 rez boyz if they were to become pornstars and ride in the sunset with great words of wisdom to share with the world? and the story of an uncle and nephew about the finer things in life. Email: Social Media:저자 Another 4th World Productions
Rainn and Reza sit down with Krista Tippett to tackle the question: What Is Wisdom? @rainnwilson @rezaaslan Please Support our Sponsors: MANSCAPED Get 20% off + free shipping with the code MILKSHAKE at FEALS Start feeling better with Feals! Become a member today by going to Feals dot com slash MILKSHAKE and you'll get 50% off your fi…
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