Last Call Neon Dynasty: Kaito Shizuki, Invoke Despair & Tezzeret Remastered


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Season 13, Episode 20: Weekly Roundup + Brew Session (Kaito Shizuki, Tezzeret, Betrayer of Flesh, Invoke Despair, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker)

In the last few years the Modern format has experienced more severe changes than at any point in the past. For the constant player, this has been progressive in nature and exciting to follow (even if expensive and a tad overwhelming), however not so much for casual enjoyers of the format or people taking a break. In today’s episode we try to extend a helping hand to those people.

Today on Faithless Brewing we are responding to one of the most common questions we got during our last mailbag episode: “How can I get started in Modern?” or “How can I get back into Modern after a break?"

This episode is intended to be a resource not only for new and returning Modern players, but also for anyone seeking a broader understanding of the best decks after the ban of Lurrus of the Dream-Den.

Our goal is to provide a clear idea of the strategies the most popular decks are employing, the key cards they utilize, and (more importantly for our beloved spike rogues) how to play around them. We cover a dozen tier 1 Modern decks and give our best matchup and sideboarding advice for tackling the meta in 2022.

So, is it possible to get back into the loop after being away from it? Absolutely yes! We hope this format guide is a stepping stone for anyone that needs it.

Happy brewing!


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S13E20 Decklists and Timestamps

Roundup: Tournament Reports

[2:00] Housekeeping

[4:44] Damon's UW Standstill (1st place, Legacy 1k)

[14:12] Damon's 4c Kaheera Pile (Top 8, Modern 1k)

[21:09] Cavedan's Sultai Crabvine

[24:24] When is a deck a serious contender?

New Capenna Previews

[32:43] Brokers Charm

[37:59] Riveteers Charm

Brew Session: Tezzeret, Kaito Shizuki, Invoke Despair

[41:34] UW Wandering Tezzerator (Pioneer)

[48:34] Bant Tezzerator Clues (Pioneer)

[55:34] Naya Fable Enchantress (Pioneer)

[58:33] Sultai Kaito Draw Two (Pioneer)

[1:03:58] Grixis Invoke Despair Fires (Pioneer)

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