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The Nobel Quran Explained in Clear English; professionally narrated and delivered to you weekly! Quran Garden is a word by word, verse by verse clear English Tafsir of the Quran. This series is based on the works of the renowned Al-Azhar scholar: Muhammad Mutwali Al-Sherawi. His greatest work and most recognizable achievement is a televised Quran Tafseer Series called "Reflections upon the Quran." Join the millions who take a few moments each week to connect with God's book; and please share ...
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Eid Mubarak from all of us at QuranGarden! May Allah accept your supplications & prayers, and make you and your families among those admitted into paradise. If you have not made Hajj yet, may Allah facilitate Hajj for you and your family. Please remember your Muslim brothers and sisters in your supplication Duaa Have a blessed Eid!…
In this week's English Quran Tafseer, we tell the story of the evil plot against the Aws and Khazraj Arab tribes of Medina. The plot brought the Aws and khazraj to the brink of battle as they grabbed their weapons to kill each other after Islam!저자 Quran Garden
The People of the Book (the Jews and Christians) were in Arabia when Prophet Muhammad arrived. How did they act? What information did they have? Why did some of them embrace Islam and others did not? Find the answers and much more in this week's Al Imran English Quran Tafsir of Ayat 98 and 99.저자 Quran Garden
In 1979, a group of armed Saudi men led by Juhayman Al-Otaybi took over the Haram for almost two weeks to protest government policies. They made the sacred grounds unsafe for pilgrims, and they had to be evacuated by force. Learn the Tafsir of Aya 97 of Al Imran in this week's Quran lesson.저자 Quran Garden
Allah says in Aya 97 of Al Imran "In it are clear signs â�� the standing place of Abraham." At first glance, there seems to be an error in this verse. Allah talks about the clear signs of His Sacred House, yet, only one is mentioned: "the standing place of Abraham." Shouldn't the verse start with "In it is a clear sign"? Learn the secret and much m…
Imam Ali, may God be pleased with him, said that a man came to our beloved Muhammad and asked: "Is this, the Ka'aba, the first House of God?" The Prophet's answer may surprise you!!! Learn more in the Tafsir of Aya 96 of Surah Al-Imran.저자 Quran Garden
The Quran tells us that Allah is everywhere, then why do we need a Qiblah? Can't you just stand and face any direction to pray? Find the Secret about the Qiblah and much more in this week's English Quran Tafsir lesson.저자 Quran Garden
Why is pork haram? Why is Alcohol haram? Why is it haram to hunt during hajj? It is because all these things are harmful, right? Not necessarily. Learn why some things are haram in this week's Quran Tafsir of Aya 93 or Surah Al Imran.저자 Quran Garden
Allah says: Indeed those who turn faithless after their faith and then advance in faithlessness, their repentance will never be accepted, and it is they who are the astray. (Chapter 3: Verse 90) Learn the Tafsir of this Aya and much more in this week's sessions.저자 Quran Garden
Allah says: The reward of such people is that Allah's curse is on them and that of the angels and of all humankind. (Chapter 3: Verse 87) What is Allah's curse? Learn the answer and much more in this week's Quran Tafsir of Sura Al Imran Ayat 87, 88 & 89저자 Quran Garden
We continue with the tafsir of Ayat 81 & 82 of surah Al Imran. This week, we discuss how the followers of previous heavenly religions display fanaticism against a later one and intentionally betray God's covenant.저자 Quran Garden
Have you noticed that atheism is on the rise? Why? The answer can be found in the promise prophets and messengers made to God. Learn the details and much more in this week's Quran Tafsir of Ayat 81 of Surah Al-Imran.저자 Quran Garden
Many people look at religion as a constraint on their personal freedom. A young man may think, "I would like to drink alcohol in moderation and have a girlfriend. I am not hurting anyone." Learn the answer to this dilemma in this week's English Quran Tafsir video.저자 Quran Garden
Allah is the All Merciful, All Forgiving. He has no need, and can give you limitlessly. Learn more and listen to a beautiful Hadith Qudsi in this week's English Quran Tafsir of Surah Al Imran.저자 Quran Garden
Allah says in Ayat 73 of Al Imran: "But do not trust in any but those who follow your religion." Say, "Surely, the only guidance is God's guidance," that anyone should be given the like of what you were given, or that they should argue against you before your Lord. Say, "All grace and bounty is in God's hand; He gives it to whomever He wills." God …
In Islam: Are you just responsible for your own sins? Or can you also be responsible for the sins of others? The Quran and Prophet Muhammad give us the answers. Listen to the English Audio Tafsir of Aya 69 of Surah Al Imran.저자 Quran Garden
Surely the people most worthy of associating with Abraham are those who followed him, and this Prophet, and those who believe. God is the guardian of the believers. (Al Imran 3: Verse 68) Learn how to be from the family of our beloved Ibrahim in this week's tafsir of surat Ali Imran ayat 68저자 Quran Garden
Can Muslims, Jews and Christians ever find common ground? Can there be peace between Abrahamic faiths? Verse 64 of Al Imran presents an excellent starting point! Learn more in the English Tafsir of Ayat 62, 63 and 64 of Al Imran.저자 Quran Garden
A Christian delegation from Najran â��an area south of Medina in Arabiaâ�� came to visit Prophet Muhammad. They wanted to discuss some differences they had with the Muslims and the Jews. But they could not agree. So who is the best judge to solve these differences in Abrahamic religions?저자 Quran Garden
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