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Listen to sermons from GracePointe's pastors and guests. GracePointe exists to reflect God’s glory, point our community to His grace, and make disciples of Jesus. We'd love to have you join us in person! We meet every Sunday at 10am inside Greenwood Christian Academy, 5251 John Tyler Highway, Suite 37 Williamsburg, VA 23185. For more information visit us online:
Gracepoint Ministries is a network of collegiate church plants & parachurch ministries. Our passion is to raise up Gospel-advancing leaders & to share the love of Jesus to students and those in our communities. If you're new to Christianity or looking for a church check out one of our services online
GracePoint Sydney Church Podcasts

GracePoint Sydney Church Podcasts

GracePoint Presbyterian Church, Sydney Australia

Catch up on the most recent talks from GracePoint Sydney. Or listen again to them if you've missed something important. This web page is updated soon after each church service with the latest talk every Sunday. We also occasionally post some talks from special events such as seminars and retreats. Subscribe using your favourite podcast app so you don't miss a talk.
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Many of the greatest stories in the Bible start with one person who said, “yes.” Today, lead pastor Josh Scott continues our “Naked Spirituality Series” by discussing the word “yes.” He looks back at examples throughout scripture of people who said yes to new possibilities, and he reminds us that saying yes also requires us to say no to things that…
Happy Thanksgiving! As we're in the season of gratitude, we recount all the ways God has worked in our lives and how worship is to see what God is worth and to give him the honor & thanks that is due. Join us for Sundays each Sunday at 1pm PST - To find out more about our church, check out these sites! Website: https://www.…
On the heels of a road trip where several of our staff and students went out to a new college town to evangelize, Pastor Manny brings us a story from the Gospels where the disciples do something similar. As believers, we are all called to be sent out to share the good news of the Gospel. It's the mission each one of us has an obligation to go on, n…
Silver and gold I have not but what I do have I give to you. P. Manny reminds us of our greatest need and reminds us that we've been invited to share this same news with others. Join us for Sundays each Sunday at 1pm PDT -저자 Gracepoint Ministries
“If I do not wash you, you have no share with me.” Jesus' words to Peter were about more than cleaning his body. Do we see that our share with Jesus comes from our dirtiest parts? Join us for Sundays each Sunday at 1pm PDT -저자 Gracepoint Ministries
As we move out of a season of perplexity, we can start to experience harmony, which comes when we let go of our search for certainty. Today, Children and Student Director Tiffany Dowdy continues our “Naked Spirituality” series by reflecting on the word “behold.” Tiffany explains how we can experience harmony by simply existing in the current moment…
When you’re in a season of deconstruction or disorientation, it’s natural and important to say “no” and ask “why.” Today, lead pastor Josh Scott continues our “Naked Spirituality” series by unpacking the role that these two words play during the season of perplexity. He also shares how he sees “no” and “why” reflected in the Psalms, as the writers …
What does it mean to be born again? Pastor Jonathan takes us through John 3, home of the famous John 3:16, and tells us of the good news of the Gospel. That though we cannot earn our salvation, we are given it as an act of grace anyways. Join us for Sundays each Sunday at 1pm PDT -…
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