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In this episode Skeptic Bret is joined by comedian Ian Harris to discuss the complete meltdown that is the sensibility of the political right. Check out Ians' work with the links below.…
This week, Jody and Skeptic Bret discuss some questions around morality. What it is, how we perceive it, and what society looks like based on it. NOTE: We lost space on a memory card part way through the episode and had to resume mid-conversation. So if you hear a strange shift in tempo, that's why.저자 Atheists On High
In this bonus episode, Jody and Skeptic Bret just chat about some other things that interest them. Mostly video games and movies. Totally off the cuff, but perhaps interesting to some of our more loyal followers over the years, this episode is just a sample of future bonuses to come. Enjoy!저자 Atheists On High
This week, Jody and Skeptic Bret are joined by special guest Atheist Cowboy Rob to discuss the recent exposure of many high profile politicians' previous questionable and heinous deeds. How should we respond to these allegations, and is there a road map to making these decisions going forward?저자 Atheists On High
This week, the guys sit down with attorney extraordinaire, Andrew Torrez to discuss the first presidential debate, third party voters, and whatever else happens to come up.Check out the Opening Arguments podcast with Andrew Torrez and Thomas Smith by clicking the link below, or find the show on your favorite podcatcher.…
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