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For Global Citizens inside & outside the classroom, we'll be exploring the challenges that face us all as learners, educators and humans. With a wide range of voices and perspectives, each fortnightly episode will be packed with ideas, inspiration and insight into the world around us; both locally and globally. www.wosdec.org.uk/what-we-do/podcast
Hoops Adjacent is now part of The Athletic NBA Show! Subscribe here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-athletic-nba-show/id1358187061 to catch David Aldridge and Big Wos every Wednesday as they talk hoops, culture, politics, etc. with weekly guests from media, sports teams and whoever else is interesting and fun. Join us!
WOSH is a podcast about skin health featuring the science behind the WOSH Mineral Bar. WOSH harnesses the incredible power of Kisameet Glacial Clay and its surrounding biome of 40+ minerals. First used by Coastal First Nations, Kisameet Clay has been considered a “healing clay” for topical and internal ailments for centuries. Studies on the clay began in the 1940s by MIT, and over six years of extensive research continues at UBC to support the clay’s remarkable healing properties. Each episo ...
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Welcome to Episode! In this episode, Afua and Ewurama discuss: * FIFA U20 Women's World Cup Caf Qualifiers * 2022 Women's Asian Cup * New club attendance record to be set in the Uefa Women's Champions League * Hasaacas Ladies FC's Evelyn Badu to Avaldsnes IL * FIFA The Best Awards Winners Enjoy!
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