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Tim takes you on a rip roaring rock n' roll journey through the recess of 60's garage to the heights of post punk, sprinkled with hip music from today's ace players. Always the most modern music of its time. Sponsored by the Dandy Brewing Company
The novel centres, in a very ambiguous way, around the life story of the protagonist Jacob Flanders, and is presented entirely by the impressions other characters have of Jacob [except for those times when we do indeed get Jacob's perspective]. Thus, although it could be said that the book is primarily a character study and has little in the way of plot or background, the narrative is constructed as a void in place of the central character, if indeed the novel can be said to have a 'protagon ...
Published in 1897, this book describes the advent of Christianity in the United States from the landing of the first explorers with their mission to convert the natives to the time immediately following the Civil War. Bacon discusses the church's response to the social, political and religious issues of the day, and provides an introduction to the beginnings of such para-church organizations as the YMCA and American Bible Society. (Summary by KHand)
At the Wool Academy Podcast, the show's host Elisabeth van Delden, talks to one wool industry expert every week. Guests of the show are wool growers, marketing experts, retail brands, researchers and many more. The focus of the Wool Academy Podcast is to find out what is working now to be successful in wool while discussing different business, product, brand and social media strategies. You will be surprised how many wonderful stories wool has to tell.
Woolfin vuonna 1928 julkaistu klassikkoteos. Fiktiivinen elämäkerta kuvaa nuoren aristokraatin Orlandon elämää 1500-luvun lopusta kirjan ilmestymisvuoteen asti. Orlando elää läpi eri aikakausien, mutta säilyy 36-vuotiaana ja muuttuu miehestä naiseksi. Suomentaja: Kirsti Simonsuuri. Lukijat: Eero Ojala ja Niina Koponen. Ohjelma sisältää yksittäisiä vanhentuneita ilmaisuja ja sanoja.
Jones & Woolf

Jones & Woolf

Anthony Jones and Joel Woolf

*Recently named as a finalist for the 2020 Google Podcasts Creator Program.* Jones & Woolf is a monthly audio fiction podcast pairing literary noir and sci-fi with original music. Anthony Jones and Joel Woolf are a music + lit duo from Oakland, CA and Sydney, AUS. Learn more about Anthony at www.anthony-jones.com and Joel at www.joelwoolf.com
As trainers we see so many women try to change their bodies after birth only to find that they have the "mommy pooch" and or incontinence (a fancy way of saying peeing your pants during workouts). The root cause of this is missing the golden link to change: the pelvic floor and the core. We lay a foundation for understanding what we call "reflex" a divine process that works your body and mind from the inside out into harmony with motherhood. This fresh training approach is not a sterile form ...
Virginia Woolf is one of the most influential and controversial feminine figures in the literary life of the London society. Night and Day is one of her first novels published in 1919 which displays the moral and spiritual issues that people confront. The author herself was an emotionally unstable person, her episodes of mental illness and suicidal depression being recurrent and always brought into the public attention. The novel revolves around the life of the main character, Katherine Hilb ...
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The seventh commandment is a call to all believers to strive for purity in heart and life and for loyalty to the Lord, to our local church and in human relationships. Physical adultery being the chief sin mentioned, yet all forms of sexual sin are prohibited. Here are warnings against and helps to avoid a great and spiritually damaging fall.…
Christ is knocking at the door of our lives desiring entry. Here is his marvelous condescension to come so near to us and to personally call us. We cordially embrace family and friends, the world and sin when it comes to our door, and leave Christ on the outside. Here is a call to all to fling open the door of our lives to a loving Saviour.…
The sixth commandment is not a mere civil law prohibiting murder of other human beings. It also includes other sins like anger and hatred in the heart, and soul murder, the killing of the life within the soul. Also, its positive opposites, to care for, to preserve, to promote the well-being of others, physically and spiritually.…
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