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저희가 찾을수 있는 최고의 Visas 팟캐스트 (업데이트 5월 2020)
저희가 찾을수 있는 최고의 Visas 팟캐스트
업데이트 5월 2020
플레이어 FM 수백만 명의 사용자와 함께 오프라인 일 때도 언제든지 뉴스와 새소식을 들을 수 있습니다. 타협을 거부하는 무료 팟캐스트 앱으로 팟캐스트를 더욱 스마트하게 즐기세요!
세계 최고의 팟캐스트 앱에 가입하면 좋아하는 프로그램을 온라인으로 관리하고 Android 및 iOS 앱에서 오프라인으로 재생할 수 있습니다. 쉽게 무료료 이용하세요!
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In Depth Discussions, Interviews and Legal Analysis of Immigration Law and Practice with Professionals in the Field, with Host John Khosravi, Esq. IMPORTANT WARNING: This show is not meant to be legal advice and is informational only. Please contact an attorney in private for more information. This is an Attorney Advertising.
Aliens with Visas is a podcast about studying/living abroad, and all that comes with it. Career pains, financial strains, and cultural assimilation are some of the topics discussed on the show. What are the seeds of motivation, driving this quest for success and what is the internal journey of a student immigrant through it all?
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Episode 128 - Interview with NYU SOL Prof. Nancy Morawetz analyzing the SCOTUS Decision of Barton v. Barr Not Legal Advice. Consult with an Attorney in Private. Results Vary. Attorney Advertisement.저자 Not legal advice. Consult with an Attorney. Coronavirus updates with Immigration, USCIS and Department of State, DOS Liaison update, Public Charge, AAO Stats, Visa Stats for investors and tourists, H-1B Lawsuit, and more.저자
Discussing Consular Asylum Immigration Processing with Former Officer Email Address: Website: Twitter:저자
Donate to TRAC: Website: Statistics on Asylum Decisions Varying Across Regions:저자
Interview w/ Sports Immigration Lawyer Ksenia Maiorova Sports Immigration Law Conference: Website:저자
Episode 122 Interview w/ Immigration Professor, Attorney & Author César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández Book: Migrating to Prison Website: Crimmigration.com저자
Reviewing Major Immigration Law & Action Events in 2019 w/ Attorneys Nicholas Mireles and John Khosravi Show Notes: CBP CBP Refusing to Review L-1 Renewal Petitions at the Canadian Border USCIS and CBP Extend Form I-129 Pilot Program for Canadian L-1 Nonimmigrants (… Immigration Agency & Court Updates from Nov. to Mid Dec. 2019 Agency Changes, Adam Walsh Act, O-1/L-1 Wage Reqs, I-864, Asylum and EB-5 Fraud, Fee Increases, MAVNI, DACA and Refugee Stats, Citizenship Issues, DOS L-1 Blanket and Reciprocity Changes, DS Form and Passport Issues, Court Injunctions, Search Limitations, 23…
USCIS, Leadership, Future Plans, Denials for Medical and Being out of Status, CBP bans, F-1 Students from Iran and China, Business Practices, Pet Peeves, DOS, Travel Ban, Stats for K-3 and E-2, ICE, Expansion of Expedited Removal Blocked, Catch and Release ends, Castro Tum and More.저자
Discussing the Visa Process with Former Embassy Officer Matthew Hughes저자
Discussing the changes to the legal profession due to technology, such as the proposed CA Bar Rule Change for non-attorney practice of law w/ Immigration Lawyer Ron Matten Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:…
Attorney John Khosravi discusses recent news coming from Immigration Agencies and Courts Public Charge Rule, French E Visa Changes, Travel Ban Update, Emergency Advance Parole, Visa Stats, Tax Transcripts, CEAC Docs, Mississippi Raid, O-1s, GC Lottery Numbers held for Court and the F-1 Sham University Circuit Decision.…
Discussing the Practice of Immigration Law and Starting a Podcast with David Wilks, Esq. Link to Podcast Sites:저자
Discussing a few Agency Updates and Race Related Court History Email: Travel Ban TPS Asylum Racist Natz Cases of 1922저자
Discussing Immigration Practice and Law with well-known Immigration Attorney and Author Ira J. Kurzban Website: Twitter: @IraKurzban저자
Discussing Jim Hacking's recent 8th Circuit Decision and more Case: Haroun v. DHS, No. 17-3133 (8th Cir. 2019) Firm Website: Twitter: LinkedIn: Youtube Page: Podcast: http://www.maxi…
Federal Employment-Based Immigration Litigation Case Review with Attorney Jeff Joseph Website: Email: LinkedIn:저자
Episode 101 - Interview w/ Corporate Immigration Attorney Sameer Khedekar Website: LinkedIn: Twitter:저자
Discussing Immigration Practice History, current trends and business with Legendary Immigration Lawyer Carl Shusterman Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: LinkedIn: Office:…
Not legal advice. Consult with an Attorney. - Copy of lawsuit PDF - Website: - Email: - LinkedIn: - Last interview: https…
Full Interview: Roman's Article: LinkedIn: D.O.L. Notification: Not Legal Advice. Consult with an Attorney. #workpermit #immigrationlawyer #Immigration #H1B저자
Discussing Consular Processing with former consular official, Mandy Feuerbacher, Esq. Website: LinkedIn: Email: mandy@zfimmigration.com저자
Stop Time Rule for LPR / Non-LPR Cancellation of Removal Consult with an Attorney. Not Legal Advice. Attorneys John Khosravi ( and Sabrina Damast ( Barton v. Attorney General (11th Circuit) SCOTUS …
Interviewing Immigration Lawyer Genie Doi about her Background and Focus on E-Sports Immigration Websites: & Email: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:…
LSAT Blog: LSAT Unplugged YouTube channel: LSAT Unplugged podcast: Email Steve: Facebook & Twitter: @LSATBlog Linkedin: Episode Podcast & Download / Itu…
Interview w/ Former OIL/AAO Lawyer & Employment-Based Immigration Federal Litigation Attorney Jonathan Wasden Website: Email: LinkedIn:저자
Not Legal Advice - Consult with an Attorney Consular Processing, Tax Transcripts, Site Update, Missing Documents, Intracompany Transfers, Student Visas, Lawsuits, Travel Ban, Delays, Naturalization, USCIS 1-800 Number, Asylum, Instruction inconsistencies, U-Visas, EADs and Alien Number, 90 Day Rule, Pending I-130 cases and visiting the US, Internat…
Author of "The Right Way: A Novel" (Amazon) Email: Facebook: Website: Not Legal Advice. Consult with an Attorney저자
Wide Ranging Conversation with Attorney Nicholas Mireles about Law Practice, Immigration Politics and more Website: Email: Twitter: LawOfficeNJM Facebook: NJMlegal저자
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