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VLOG: After BitMEX Arthur Hayes sentenced to six months home confinement then international travel for not having an anti-money laundering program, stand-up in front of @SDNYLIVE courthouse: BitMEX Arthur Hayes Gets 6 Months At Home Then Travel In 2 Years Probation For No AMLBy Matthew Russell Lee, PatreonBBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPNSDNY COU…
VLOG: Today Hwang of Archegos; CIA leak trial of Schulte may be partially sealed, opposition filed; US says JOH is OK in MDC; China buys UN migrant expert like @AntonioGuterres
VLOG: #Allianz plea highlights dubious corporate personhood, bank fraudster Shin takes stand, Fed on BoM-BotW; @LaCroix_UN lies about UN rapes, @USUN / Blinken has yet to hold UN accountable
VLOG: Allianz fraudster Tournant indicted; trial on Bulleit whiskey & Korean deli bank fraud; US v. corruption in Guatemala but not at UN where @AntonioGuterres linked with briber CEFC China and Honduras JOH
VLOG: Honduras narco Tigre Bonilla got a US taxpayer funded lawyer - Inner City Press has filed to unseal why. Brian Benjamin & Migdol's stealth plea, invisible UNSG @AntonioGuterres & always elsewhere @USAmbUN @LindaT_G , inactive on UN censorship
VLOG: #Honduras Police Chief TIgre Bonilla was presented and detained @SDNYLIVE and given a publicly-paid lawyer despite bag of cash / TIgre Bonilla fue presentado y detenido @SDNYLIVE y entregado abogado pagado públicamente a pesar de bolsa de efectivo
VLOG: After Honduras JOH pleaded not guilty and got Jan 17, 2023 trial date, stand-up outside @SDNYLIVE court, JOH's lack of a basketball, subpoena for El Chapo - & UNSG @AntonioGuterres ? Después de que #NarcosHonduras JOH se declarara no culpable
VLOG: #HezbollahTrial deliberations Day 3, RHWSLC Shah loses on journalists' privilege, Archegos Hwang wants time, UN impunity and UNSG failure on Ukraine UNexplained by @USUN
VLOG: Amid terror cases and Colombia Otoniel in EDNY, Fed puts out CRA reg but rubberstamps Citizens Bank, MUFG in Russia, UN fails on Ukraine & Honduras
VLOG: Just after JPM Chase v. Tesla on Elon Musk's tweet about taking Telsa private. Chase filed a letter seeking to move for judgment on the pleadings, but @SDNYLIVE Judge Gardephe said case is not susceptible to that. So, Tesla's counterclaim goes fwd...
VLOG: #HezbollahTrial deliberations, JPMC v. Tesla / Elon Musk 12:45; UNsealed docs of #GhislaineMaxwell who raised funds with correspondent @USUN @LindaT_G let in while banning Press
VLOG: #HezbollahTrial closings, NFL says Browns didn't tank, ex-NBA bail revoke? Sup Ct h/t, 2d Cir Ranieri, UNSG sleaze & hypocrisy on WPFD, @USUN to join?
VLOG: Just after NFL discrimination case hearing, a run-down of Flores' lawyer called Roger Godell biased and overpaid, while NFL says only Godell can hear the case as arbitrator. Motion to compel arbitration due June 23- but expect discovery demand by coaches
VLOG: #Hezbollah trial, today Flores v #NFL (compare @USFL , @XFL ); horse trial of Giannelli with link to UK and UN sleaze, @AntonioGuterres murky in Senegal, @USUN #WPFD no answer yet
Ukraine 10th Week Big Tony at the Big Table Bluesby Matthew Russell LeeIt was the tenth week of the war on UkraineAnd Big Tony dined with Putin without shameOn Mariupol he claimed a big winThis kind of lying is really a big sinDujarric told him where to take photosHe'd get them republished by dodos...In May the Council was headed by the U.S.Censors…
Archegos Felon in Possession of a Family Office Blues by Matthew Russell Lee, April 30, 2022 He was felon in possession of a family office Archegos' use of swaps had gotten a bit too raucous 34 billion dollars later, they let him out on bail Unlike a luckless Bronx junkie not a single day in jail So who is it, making these big decisions Letting Hwa…
VLOG: Archegos' Hwang was a felon in possession of a family office; trials of Shin, horse drugs, #Hezbollah, got Q to IMF but UN no answer on coups, corruption and censorship
Court Reporting Confidential, Part 1 - Talk to NYU Journalism School by Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press, 4/27/22 - subsequent parts on Patreon at
VLOG: 3 crypto cases: #OneCoin argument for new trial based on Konstantin Ignatov perjury; Fowler DOES plead guilty, and #NorthKorea Virgil Griffith "co-conspirators" indicted
VLOG: Honduras JOH now listed in MDC Brooklyn; Hezbollah Alexi Saab trial to start; Ukraine sell-out by @AntonioGuterres , misreports including @CrisiGroup - & @USUN ?
Ukraine Week 9 Blues Big Tony at the Twisted Gunby Matthew Russell Lee, April 23, 2022It was the ninth week of the war in UkraineAnd Big Tony Guterres would fly to Moscow by planeHe'd bluewash Bucha for facetime with PapacitoBoth confident in inaction in New York due to the vetoIt was Putin's plan to make Ukraine landlockedLike Big Tony liked to ke…
VLOG: Hezbollah trial of Alexi Saab starts, as ex judge Ash gets 15 months & #Honduras JOH arrives tonight; on #Ukraine, Big Tony at the Twisted Gun…
VLOG: Some Epstein/Maxwell names unsealed, others not; today Sylvia Ash - & Honduras JOH? UN fails #Ukraine under @AntonioGuterres , even critics cover up
Ukraine Week 8 UN Fails UK Rwanda Refugees Blues by Matthew Russell Lee 16 Feb 2022 It was the eighth week of the war in Ukraine And over the UN's credibility a growing stain A flurry of meetings but nothing was done While in a van in Tel Aviv Tony's cronies had their fun Guterres covered up his UN's sleaze…
VLOG: Honduras JOH awaited @SDNYLIVE , Rhino horn case and UN sex in the van lies by SG @AntonioGuterres , see book and now Blue Plate Special
VLOG: Virgil Griffith was just sentenced to 63 months in prison for helping North Korea with crypto. Both Griffith and the prosecutors cited the Ukraine war: Virgil saying it showed him the importance of sanctions, US urging deterring evasions. #CrytpoInTheCourts
VLOG: Today Virgil Griffith #NoKo crypto sentencing, & #Honduras' Najera? Damian Williams NYS politics- & #Bronx trial. #GhislaineMaxwell review; UN corrupt on #DPRK etc
VLOG: After #1MDB Roger Ng verdict, book #WeaselsOfWallStreet, @SDNYLIVE cases (Bronx #Senegal #Afghanistan #SierraLeone) and UN (and UK) failure on Ukraine
Ukraine Week 7 BoJo the Clown Blues by Matthew Russell Lee It was the 7th week of the war in Ukraine And tUK BoJo flew to Kiev by plane The obligatory Zelenskyy photo op Woulda been cheaper to use Photoshop At the UN his Mission was stonewalling Its hypocrisy appalling Didn't it grab Malvinas by force Now Woodword won't answer the Press of course F…
Federal court stand-up hours after #1MDB verdict, 2 days after #LarryRay, a new book: "The Weasels of Wall Street: Jho Low, Ukraine and the UN as Larry Ray: On the Eastern Front a War Against Impunity, of Goldman Sachs & UN Keeping Money, #JohnListGone now up
April 6-2: Larry Ray GUILTY on 15+ counts, Sarah Lawrence College sex trafficking, sentencing Sept 16; then insider trader Dikshit of McKinsey gets 24 month in jail, right down the hall @SDNYLIVE support: Story: Larry Ray Guilty of Sex Trafficking, 15 Counts In Trial in which Johns' Names Still…
VLOG: On #1MDB US blames Ng; US v sex cultist Larry Ray, analogy to abuse of Ukraine with UN as Pollok or Sarah Lawrence College, complicit: forthcoming #TheEasternFront & #JohnListGone
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