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Paul George

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Protect our Brand aka The "POBcast" is a weekly podcast brought to you by Jeremy Keene and Arend Macapagal of San Diego North. Each week, Arend and Jeremy talk about whats happening in the T-Mobileverse as well as bring on special guests from across TMUS to share best practices and #protips to the listeners.
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Feb 6: For treasonous US soldier Ethan Melzer, US wants 45 years, while 5 for Hollywood (& Cuba) pimp Dillon Jordan. Other upcoming sentencings, after CCP balloon down and UN silent and complicit
Feb 3: DOJ detains Avi Eisenberg for Mango Markets, after agreeing to free SBF. Trevor Milton harps on anti-corporate juror's Press interview. UN corruption convict Cary Yan wants delay, UN covers up
VLOG Feb 2: Iran death squad case proceeds @SDNYLIVE as #NarcosHonduras Urbina Soto arrives in Mag Court, appeal; UN rapist Mutaz Hyassat of @JordanUN_NY loses, but UN & @USUN no-show, #TodaysUNisCorrupt
VLOG: After convicted Columbia OB/GYN Hadden remanded to jail pending his sentencing in April, stand-up outside @SDNYLIVE . It ended with the Federal Defender asking to be heard on an appeal, and Judge Berman: "I'm done. And you're done."
Feb 1 VLOG: Bankman-Fried banned from SIgnal at least thru Feb 7 (when unsealing appeal due, or not); Iran threat case 3 pm, convicted Doc Hadden noon, @MaltaUNMission Fraser 1pm, UNanswered, Strike 1
Jan 31: Bankman-Fried's co-signers ordered unsealed, after Inner City Press Jan 3 motion- but stay to Feb 7. OneCoin Armenta redacted; Mango v. Eisenberg, UN fails on Myanmar, @MaltaUNMission debut/test Feb 1
VLOG Jan 30-2: Moments after Bankman-Fried's bond co-signers ordered unsealed in response to Inner City Press Jan 3 motion and others' thereafter - but unsealing order stayed to Feb 7 to allow SBF to appeal #CourtTransparency #FollowTheMoney
Jan 30: Bankman-Fried wants to transfer assets, US wants him off Signal; co-signers still secret. Mango v. Eisenberg, Hermes trial on MetaBirkins. UN fraud Aghanistan, @MaltaUNMission starts at UNSC 2/1
VLOG: After Iran death squad case arraignment of Rafat Amirov as paymaster of Khalid Mehdiyev, whose arrest in July Inner City Press exclusively covered for gun threats to Masih Alinejad. Amirov is detained; next date is Jan 31……
VLOG Jan 27: Sayfullo Saipov guilty of killing 8 with Home Depot truck- death penalty phase Feb 6. US v. Billy Ortega deadly courier case. UN fails on Ukraine, #Yemen, #Cameroon, SG @AntonioGuterres bans Press
VLOG Jan 25: Convicted Doc Hadden still free; Saipov legal charge; Slovenian skater COVID fraud & NYC employee gun for religious attack. UN fails in Kabul, UN Security covers up (and bans Press, ignores appeal)
VLOG: Bankman-Fried unsealing bid, the waiting is the hardest part; #Assange visitors sued Pompeo, now amend; Hild juror scoop; #EDNY, UN covers up child rapes under SG @AntonioGuterres
VLOG: 60 year sentence for sex cultist Larry Ray, stand-up @SDNYLIVE courthouse after. Ray expressed no remorse at all; Federal Defenders said that was on their advice. 2 victims spoke, & one (Claudia Drury) had letter read. #JohnListGone
VLOG Jan 20: Bankman-Fried doubles down on secrecy, Inner City Press unsealing win in Avenatti cited in Ortega trial; Sarah Lawrence sex cultist Larry Ray sentencing. UN (and Germany) fail on Ukraine, @AntonioGuterres bans Press
Jan 18: Death penalty trial of Saipov stalled by sealed Q&A with jurors; Razzlekhan is restless, Bitfinex hack; Bling Bishop & The New Yorker. Davos doubletalk by UNSG @AntonioGuterres
Jan 17: Death penalty case of Saipov resumes, Bankman-Fried unsealing bid to Jan 19; EDNY Mexico Luna & FIFA / FOX corruption trials (#WorldCupOfBlood of UN @AntonioGuterres , now wasting public funds in #Davos without answers or accountability
Messina Denaro was reportedly detained in a private clinic in Sicily's capital, Palermo, where he was receiving treatment for cancer.He is alleged to be a boss of the notorious Cosa Nostra Mafia and he was tried and sentenced to life in jail in absentia in 2002 over numerous murders.More than 100 members of the armed forces were involved in his arr…
Gulfport Police are searching for a man they say stabbed two people Wednesday night, killing one and injuring the other.Deondre Travon McGill, 28, is described as a black man, approximately 6′02″, 140 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He’s believed to be traveling in a 2013 brown Subaru Legacy with Mississippi plate JGQ7914. He is wanted for …
Jan 12: On Bankman-Fried, Judge gives SBF to Jan 19 to respond to Press unsealing of co-signers bid; Senators v S&C, conflicts of interest in Delaware, names secret there too; @JapanMissionUN anti-Press as Kishida to DC
VLOG: Terror in the courts: Saipov moving fast, Tsarnaev saved by social media? Bickford federalized. Honduras update, CIPA beef. UN stonewalls on peacekeeper's child rape in CAR
VLOG: Honduras ex-president Juan Orlando Hernandez had his trial pushed from April 24 to Sept 18; his lawyer Ray Colon said the government in Tegucigalpa is hindering him [JOH juicio aplazado del 24 de abril al 18 de sept; Colón se quejó de que le impide hablar
VLOG: Death penalty trial of Saipov, Day 2; dirty doc Hadden, Thom Browne & Messi; FTX Nishad Singh proffers, arb move in Gemini case as @SecBlinken brags of UN corruption - while accepting censorship by @AntonioGuterres
VLOG: Death penalty trial of Saipov & dirty doc Hadden start; unsealing in Jen Shah but still not #SBF, as EDNY jumps in, @JapanMissionUN no answers, censoring like UNSG @AntonioGuterres
VLOG: After Jen Shah of #RHOSLC got 78 month sentence, and her written submissions to the judge ordered unsealed after Inner City Press' two court filings, stand-up outside @SDNYLIVE , including reference to other too-secret case, Bankman-Fried of #FTX
VLOG: Unsealing requests in US v. Bankman-Fried, and US v. Jen Shah; bid to delay Honduras ex-prez JOH trial (denied); dirty doc Hadden jury selection @SDNYLIVE @JapanMissionUN no answers, & no meetings
VLOG: After Sam Bankman-Fried pled not guilty, had new condition imposed but secrecy of bond co-signers granted, at least for now (Inner City Press has opposed), and trial date set,… Letter here stand-up @SDNYLIVE…
VLOG: Hours before Bankman-Fried arraignment, he wants $250M bond co-signers secret; in Epstein case AG of USVI who sued JPM Chase is fired; Gemini class action; @JapanMissionUN UNresponsive to Press, not ready for UNSC primetime?
VLOG: Day before Bankman-Fried arraignment, where is Nishad Singh, what of money doled by McCaskill, Gemini lawsuit @SDNYLIVE and @JapanMissionUN jumps the gun on UNSC presidency, Press banned from UN
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