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Suppose you were told that you could ask God any one question. What would you ask? And would your question be the same one most of us would choose to ask? CBN sought the help of the Gallup Poll organization in identifying those questions. The answers to those questions are founded on the Bible, the authoritative Word of God.
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How Can I know that God is real? What is God like? How can there be a Trinity, a three-in-one God? If God is all-powerful, why doesn't he destroy Satan? Why is there suffering in the world?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What is the virgin birth of Christ? How is Jesus God and Man at the same time? How is Jesus different from Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed? What makes Jesus' teaching unique? When Jesus died, did He also die spiritually? Is there life after death?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
Where did Man come from? What is Man like? Were Adam and Eve real? Where did all the races come from? What is Original Sin? Will there ever be a cure for all diseases? Why is there evil in the world? Will Man ever love his fellow Man?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What is God's purpose for Man? How can I have free will if God knows the future? What is Predestination? Where do people go when they die? Is Reincarnation Biblical? Does the Bible teach evolution? Will there ever be lasting world peace?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What is God's Law, and how did I break it? What is Sin? How does Jesus save me? What is Faith? What is being Born Again? Do I have to be Born Again in order to be a Christian? What do I have to do to be Saved?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
Can salvation be lost? I am always saved? Does the Virgin Mary play a part in salvation? Will babies who die without baptism go to hell? What are Heaven, Paradise and Purgatory? Why aren't the wicked punished?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What is Christian maturity, the Indwelling Spirit, the Fruit of the Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit and Baptism in the Holy Spirit? Does a person have to speak in tongues in order to be saved? How do I receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What is prayer? Did miracles stop when the last Apostle died? How do I pray for a miracle? Are healings caused by the power of suggestion? Should Christians take medicine? Can healings and miracles be lost? Can I know God's will?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What's the One True Church? How are Roman Catholics and Protestants different? What must a person do to become a Saint? Does going to church ensure going to heaven? How and when should we be baptized? What is the unpardonable sin?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
Can I recognize a cult? What do Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Unitarians believe? What does the Unification Church teach? What Is Hare Krishna? What are the beliefs of Mind Control, Spiritism, Edgar Cayce and Hinduism?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
When is Jesus coming back? What must happen the returns? What does the Bible teach about the Jewish people and Israel? Are these the last days? Who is the Antichrist? Will Christians go through the Great Tribulation? What is the Mark of the Beast?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
When will the Rapture happen? What is the Resurrection of the Dead, the Millennium and the Great White Throne Judgment? What are Hell and Heaven like? Can I lose my place in Heaven? Are credit cards associated the Mark of the Beast?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
Are divorce and remarriage Biblical? What if believers divorce, remarry, and now know of what the Bible says? Can a Christian marry an unbeliever? What's grounds for divorce? The difference between adultery and fornication. Is sex for pleasure OK?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What does the Bible say about homosexuality and divorce? Does God have a perfect mate for me? Is abortion wrong? Are inter-racial are marriages OK? Is physical punishment of children Biblical? Should grown children honor their parents?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What is the purpose of government? What duty do I owe the government, and what duty do I owe God? Should a Christian be involved in police work or military service? Does the Bible teach pacifism?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What rights does the State have over a Christian and his children? Can one be both Christian and Marxist? Is capitalism right or wrong? When should a Christian disobey the Civil Government? Is capital punishment wrong?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What's the Great Commandment? What virtues/vices survive Death? What's coveting? What do employers/employees owe each other? Do we have to be poor to be Holy? Is money the root of evil? Is drinking sin? Can I quit drugs? Can I forgive my enemies?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
Are little white lies wrong? What is bearing false witness? What is “Not being overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good?" can I steal without knowing it? Can Christians have a will? Are organ transplants OK? How do I get over depression?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
What are angels? What is a demon? How powerful is Satan? What is demon Possession? Can a Christian be demon possessed? What is exorcism? How can a demon be cast out? What is going to happen to Satan? Does Satan know what I am thinking?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
How does God guide people? How do I know I am hearing a word from God? Is all pride sinful? What is the secret of happiness? What makes people happy? What is success? How do I get out of poverty and debt? What is The Kingdom of God?저자 The Christian Broadcasting Network
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