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Ask An Astrobiologist is in interactive talk show sponsored by the NASA Astrobiology Program,, and the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. Each episode, our hosts, Dr. Sanjoy Som and Dr. Graham Lau (Blue Marble Space Institute for Science), interview one of the best and brightest scientists from the field of astrobiology, as well as fielding YOUR questions from Twitter, Facebook, and the chat room. Tweet @saganorg with #AskAstrobio to get your burning questions ab ...
Multi-wavelength astronomy - the study of the universe at wavelengths beyond the visible, has revolutionized our understanding and appreciation of the cosmos. Hubble, Chandra, and Spitzer are examples of powerful, space-based telescopes that complement each other in their observations spanning the electromagnetic spectrum. NASA's Braille book "Touch the Invisible Sky" presents the first printed introduction to modern, multi-wavelength astronomy studies to the sight disabled community.
Witness our universe in a whole new way! This video series (in 720p High Definition for Apple TV and hi-res monitors) highlights some of the most exciting discoveries from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. In-depth 'Showcase' features, striking 'Gallery Explorer' montages, and other whimsical specials take you beyond the visible to a universe of dust and stars hidden from Earth-bound eyes. Spitzer is the infrared component of the NASA Great Observatory program which also includes Hubble (visib ...
¡Descubra un universo completamente nuevo! Esta serie de videos (en alta definición con 720p para Apple TV y monitores de alta resolución) describe algunos de los descubrimientos más espectaculares del Telescopio Espacial Spitzer de la NASA. Exhibiciones detalladas, montajes y otras presentaciones especiales lo llevarán más allá del visible, a un universo de polvo y estrellas oculto a los ojos terrestres.
El Universo Escondido, revelado por el Telescopio Espacial Spitzer ¡Váyase de viaje por confines astronómicos más allá de la visión humana! Las exhibiciones del Universo Escondido proporcionan una mirada profunda a la espectacular ciencia del universo infrarrojo. El Explorador de Galería lo guiará por las más espectaculares imágenes infrarrojas. Esta serie de videos está disponible en formato estándar y de alta definición (HD).
A NASA-Smithsonian Universe Forum Publication :: This activity will help you explore the universe by shrinking cosmic scale in just 4 steps. Print out the instructions and cut-out templates (printer-friendly PDFs at Follow along with the activity by listening to the narration or viewing the American Sign Language in the video podcast files.
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Why don’t we go live on Saturn’s moon Titan? What would it mean if we found life elsewhere? How did life get its start on Earth? NASA’s chief scientist Jim Green and astrobiologist Lindsay Hays discuss these and other audience questions from social media.저자 NASA
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