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DJ, musician and radio host. The host and founder of FM radio show "EDM Chart" @ DFM (Saransk 106.3), "Club Time" @ MC Radio (Saransk 107.2), "Atmosphere" @ MC Radio (Saransk 107.2). Resident of one of the best institutions of the region Lounge Cafe "Summer Jam"
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Legendary Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman talks about breaking into a male dominated profession and the things she had to deal with. Plus, she chats about how her career got started, George Steinbrenner and more. And, Vin Scully on the greatest baseball player, the greatest game, his memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers & more…
Legendary broadcaster Ahmad Rashad talks about how he got into broadcasting and why he wanted to cover more than just football. Plus, how he first met Michael Jordan and what it was like being around him at the height of his career. Ahmad also discusses how Kobe was always challenging MJ to play after he retired and more.…
So you want to buy a home? You’re probably asking yourself where do I start? Welcome to my First Time Home Buyer Series where I’ll take you through the process of buying your first home. I’m your host Mike Parelli, resident and local real estate broker in Greenwich, CT and this is #SellingGreenwich
Mike Greenberg talks to Villanova coach Jay Wright about the importance of "attitude" in his program (5:45), how his life has changed with success (17:50), a wild story from inside the locker room during the 2016 National Championship (21:19), what he'd change about the game (34:10) and more.저자 ESPN, Mike Greenberg
Mike Greenberg talks to James "Murr" Murray from "Impractical Jokers" about the genesis of the show (11:30), the personalities of the other guys (16:24), the infamous punishments on the show (22:03), his comedic inspirations (36:07), his best-selling novel (48:28) and much more.저자 ESPN, Mike Greenberg
Mike Greenberg chats with NBPA Exec. Director Michele Roberts about the relatively harmonious relationship she has with Adam Silver (3:00), NBA players' aptitude for self-expression (21:28), what makes LeBron James such a special person (24:30), the next frontiers for the NBA (48:10) & much more.저자 ESPN, Mike Greenberg
Mike Greenberg talks to former Raiders CEO & current Big 3 chairman & CBS NFL analyst Amy Trask about the state of the NFL (3:27), conflicts between players & owners (8:50), player safety (16:33), the experience of working for Al Davis (28:18), her Twitter village (30:03), the meteoric growth of Big 3 basketball (36:24) and much more.…
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