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Marblehat.fmはスタートアップを始めとする企業の皆様に、セキュリティのニュースやツール、機能をわかり易くお伝えする podcast です。 white hatにもblack hatにもgreen hatにも偏らないトークをお送りします。
Rated 18+ Early 30's, cis she/her, pan. Make One Marble is a Podcast (first episode soon) looking at a lot of different general topics, rated 18+ due to content including BDSM, Relationships, Mental Health, Politics, Human Rights, LGBTQIA+ , games and creative subjects too. It's really my journal, share thoughts, and if can help bring more awareness etc. if able to make one person marble (think) then that's great!
All Marbles Lost

All Marbles Lost

Marcarrie Wolf & Jaxon Wolf

We are telling you why we are losing our marbles. Tune in each week to find out why you should be losing yours! Carrie tells thrilling true crime stories that will have you locking your doors and hiding under the covers. JT tells gripping conspiracy theory stories that will have you questioning everything you know.
Many people have contributed to Arsenal’s glorious and successful history, but some people’s stories are crucial, yet go untold. From Sol Campbell’s controversial transfer, to the thinking behind the Emirates move, Harvey & Julian come together with their guests to find out what was really happening during some of the club’s most important chapters.
When it comes to mental health, phrases like these are the usual suspects: “Walk it off,” “It’s all in your head,” “Just think happy thoughts.” We certainly wish it were that easy. Hosted by Zain Calcuttawala and Avanti Malhotra, 'Marbles Lost & Found' is a podcast to raise awareness about mental health and its importance in our day to day life. We want everyone to know that mental health care, just like physical health care, is actually normal. It’s okay to not feel okay, you aren’t alone…i ...
A podcast show about the history of the Parthenon and its iconic sculptural collection, The Parthenon Marbles (aka Elgin Marbles or Parthenon Sculptures), its journey to private collections and institutions and an account of the centuries old campaign for restitution.The show will contain architectural and historical facts about the Parthenon Sculptures Collection, the circumstances of their removal from Acropolis and a comprehensive account of all the restitution efforts through personal in ...
I’m so beyond blessed that you’ve clicked on my podcast. My goal is to help you understand that you’re not alone in your struggles. Even more than that, your struggles do not define you! It is never too late to rise up and realize that you are so worthy and deserving of living a life filled with happiness, success and abundance! Just know that you are enough as you are right now! The fun part is becoming who you’ve always wanted to be. My goal through my podcast is to inspire, encourage, coa ...
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Zak Vescera talks about his reporting that found the province didn’t act on warnings from internal modelling about a fall surge of COVID-19 cases. The crew also discusses Scott Moe’s “nation within a nation” rhetoric in response to federal pronouncements on climate change.저자 marblepalace
The crew talks about Nadine Wilson making her return to the chamber after allegedly misrepresenting her vaccination status. They also chat about Scott Moe’s throne speech, which tackled crime and the economy, but didn’t really touch on the pandemic.저자 marblepalace
Keith Edelman held the role of Managing Director at Arsenal from 2000-2008. In this episode, we discuss: - Moving Arsenal from Highbury to Emirates Stadium - The story behind the Arsenal crest redesign - How did Arsenal's commercial deals happen? - and much, more more!저자 AFTV
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