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In this episode of the Jeff Lewis Trumpet Podcast, I go over the “Kansas City” blues scale, how to use it, and how it differs from the regular blues scale. The Blues Shuffle in Bb Concert play-along used in this podcast is available on YouTube here. In this particular episode, you will learn; What a Kansas City Blues scale is 10 short phrases, or “…
Jeff and Heather waste no time exploring what happened to Heather's invitation to Adele in Vegas. Plus, the crew learns about Tinder's new dating dictionary and everyone gives their opinion about Shane's online dating profile. Want more Jeff Lewis, Click Here!저자 Zach Noe Towers, Heather McDonald, Jeff Lewis, Shane Douglas, Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich
Denise, and Jeff discuss what Megan's Only Fans account should look like, and the future of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Later, Denise justifies buying her daughter a Mercedes, and clarifies details about a "road rage" incident she was involved in.저자 Jeff Lewis, Megan Weaver, Shane Douglas, Denise Richards, Alyssa Heimrich, Jamison Scala
Jeff goes over coffee machine etiquette with Brandy & Julie, and receives an abrupt call from his lawyer. Later, Jeff and Ana Quincoces discuss misleading restaurant names and products. Plus, producers Jamison and Alyssa do a spontaneous duet.저자 Jeff Lewis, Doug Budin, Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich, Shane Douglas, Julie Goldman, Brandy Howard, Ana Quincoces
Jeff starts by commending Dorinda on a well-played practical joke at their hotel. Plus, they talk about Jeff's travel adventures to NYC and Dorinda reveals how a wine spill at Buckingham Palace led to her meeting her ex, John. Then, Melissa joins to discuss Joe's bad driving habits, keeping bathroom activities a mystery, and getting work done.…
Jeff starts out with Mercedes and Megan and they discuss Jeff's experience with the pain management doctor, MJ's nose, and Krista's theory about popular kids. Later, Jen and new friend Joey join to hear Jeff's apology to Jamison. Plus, Jeff shares his experience with his puppy, Toby, and a frightening experience on Wilshire.…
Jeff updates Brandy and Julie about his new puppy, Toby. Plus, the chumps chat about the graffiti on Chaz Dean's billboard and lazer hair removal. Later, Tori joins to talk about subscribing to Denise Richards' OnlyFans and the experience with her full body scan.저자 Brandy Howard, Julie Goldman, Jeff Lewis, Shane Douglas, Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich, Tori Spelling, Doug Budin
Jeff wastes no time asking Lea and Jen what they think about Shane's mysterious lip bruises. They also chat about the jewelry literature Lea brought for Monroe, trash bin drama, and the headstone scam update. Plus, Jeff shows off his gentle side talking about his new puppy with Doug and Zach.저자 Jeff Lewis, Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich, Shane Douglas, Lea Black, Jen Green, Zach Noe Towers, Doug Budin
Jeff and Megan got their Prenuvo scan results back! Jeff has a reptile situation at the new house, plus Anthony and Jerry have a theory about the leaks in Jeff's rental. Later, Shannon Beador opens up about oral sex and her recent breakup.저자 Anthony Anderson, Jerry Singleton, Megan Weaver, Shane Douglas, Shannon Beador, Mercedes Javid, Jeff Lewis, Alyssa Heimrich, Jamison Scala
In this episode, Jeff rants about the appropriate amount of napkins that should be in a donut bag and the protestors at Century City Mall. Later, Amanda defends her application for Chump candidacy.저자 Jeff Lewis, Shane Douglas, Doug Budin, Megan Weaver, Alyssa Heimrich, Jamison Scala, Elisa Donovan, Amanda McCants
In this episode, Jeff starts with Missi, Megan, and Shane discussing Missi's lost glasses, dry January, and parking etiquette. Then, Jeff and Chaz Dean reflect on reconnecting after their friendship pause, Todd gives in to cleaning out the gutters in the rain, and Shane is violently hungover.저자 Jeff Lewis, Chaz Dean, Megan Weaver, Shane Douglas, Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich, Missi Pyle
It's a new year, but the same Jeff. Jeff and the chumps recap their New Year's Eve activities including Jeff paying off a stranger to drive him home, gogo boy tipping etiquette, and losing house keys. Plus, Jeff reveals that he and Chef Stu are off pause... yet again.저자 Alyssa Heimrich, Jamison Scala, Megan Weaver, Doug Budin, Shane Douglas, Jeff Lewis
Jerry tells the story of when he tried to name drop Jeff at Exotic Dreams Resorts but it back-fired, and Anthony teaches the chumps what a "side pocket" is. Later, Jeff shares his New Year's resolutions and a recent incident he had in his car.저자 Anthony Anderson, Jerry Singleton, Megan Weaver, Alyssa Heimrich, Shane Douglas, Jeff Lewis
In this episode of The Jeff Lewis Trumpet Podcast, I go over different ways of adjusting your embouchure for maximum sound and efficiency, how to be your own best trumpet teacher and a list of suggested books for embouchure development. In this podcast you will learn; Different ways to adjust your embouchure for better sound and efficiency through …
The Chumps discuss their Friday night at Luann de Lesseps' cabaret show and recount how early they arrived, how Lu's team wanted Jeff's comps back, and Jeff's run in with Brad Goreski. Plus, MJ's hair debacle and where she ended up by the end of the evening.저자 Jeff Lewis, Shane Douglas, Mercedes Javid, Doug Budin, Jamison Scala
It's all cabaret as Jeff and Luann talk about her show dates in Los Angeles. Plus, Luann and the chumps discuss giving the gift of life experiences, how things went at Monroe's holiday concert, and updates with Luann's family and the men in her life.저자 Luann de lesseps, Jeff Lewis, Shane Douglas, Doug Budin, Alyssa Heimrich
Megan is soaking wet because she left her car window down over the weekend, Jeff reveals what he thinks is a lame gift idea, and Donna shares her recent chump-ish behavior, updates the crew on how online dating is going, and analyzes everyone's dreams.저자 Jeff Lewis, Dr. Donna Dannenfelser, Megan Weaver, Shane Douglas, Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich
The Chumps recap last night's Cook & Kibbitz at Megan's. Jeff shares a carpool faux pas, and an update on where he stands with Gage. Later, the crew discusses cults, analogies, and whether your phone should face up or down when you're with your partner.저자 Jeff Lewis, Meghan King, Megan Weaver, Shane Douglas, Alyssa Heimrich, Jamison Scala
Jeff welcomes "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star Tracy to the crazy to talk about her and Megan's weight loss journey with Mounjaro, Jeff's approach to getting out of Elf on the Shelf this Christmas, and finding love at The Abbey. Then, the mood shifts as Jeff recounts feelings of betrayal after discovering scathing texts from family about h…
Megan is out "sick", Jeff doubles down on wanting to kill Stu, Jackie gives the chumps an update on her Botox and the gay birds in her yard. Plus, Jeff is on a solo excursion this weekend, and Jamison clearly hasn't learned anything from HR's sexual harassment training.저자 Jeff Lewis, Jackie Schimmel, Shane Douglas, Alyssa Heimrich, Jamison Scala
In this episode of The Jeff Lewis Trumpet Podcast, I talk about how using major scale modes to improvise can be an easy way to navigate through many different chord types. In this episode you will learn; What the seven major scale modes are An easy way to remember all seven modes How to apply the major scale modes to multiple types of chords Why us…
Elisabeth questions why she always comes back on the show, Jeff isn't sure if he'll be in a couple's or solo Halloween costume this year, Doug thinks everyone should bring their psychic to Disneyland, and Jeff has a theory about who his neighborhood Watcher may be...저자 Elisabeth Rohm, Jeff Lewis, Shane Douglas, Doug Budin, Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich
Happy October to everyone. Starts small and gets big. Tracks from Quinny UK, Offaiah, Alesso (and Zara Larsson), Per QX, Mark Knight & Armand Van Helden, Diana Rouvas, Felicia Temple, Derrick Ricky Nelson, DJ Sir Charles Dixon, The Shapeshifters (Feat. Adi Oasis), Sophie Ellis Bextor (and Wuh Oh), KC Lights, Elton & Britney, Bey & Madge, Wankelmut …
Everyone's back including post-strep Shane. Jeff recounts his trip to Napa with Megan and the gang and reports on all the hits, misses, and drinks. Plus, Doug and Jamison give details from their magical weekend at Disneyland and Doug's "ride laugh" has everyone in stiches.저자 Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich, Doug Budin, Megan Weaver, Shane Douglas, Jeff Lewis
Jeff is joined by a very tan John and Megan is lusting! They discuss Monroe’s back to school night, Doug and Jamison’s upcoming “work” trip to Disneyland, elevator etiquette, and strippers in nursing homes. Plus, John serenades the chumps for Radio Andy’s 7 year anniversary.저자 Jamison Scala, Alyssa Heimrich, John Hill, Megan Weaver
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