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New York, I Love You But You've Changed is a podcast where long time New Yorkers from across the five boroughs give us their version of the city they love, discuss how it has evolved and share their thoughts on what we can do to make the greatest hometown in the world great for all of us. And we also have some fun with the pop culture associated with NYC. Our interviews seek to create an anthology of voices that represents the range of life that exists in New York City, especially those voic ...
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GM Kings & Queens!...Plz listen to today ep & hmu w/your thoughts..Learn to make yourself a priority...be happy no matter what sooner or later ya gonna break..Dont wait too late...Love,Live,Laugh!❤🙏🤣
Gm Kings & Queens!..please listen to today's ep & hmu w/your thoughts...Make your happiness a priority through prayer and faith anything is possible!...😉Have fun w/ur imperfect selves😉👀😂😂.....Love,Live,Laugh!❤🙏😂
Gm Kings & Queens!..please listen to today's ep & hmu let's chop it up!...Learn to make yourself a priority as well....Time waits for no one ..Have fun,be happy,stay woke 😁..Love,Live,Laugh🥰🙏🤣
Gm Kings & Queens!...plz listen to todays ep & hmu w/ur thoughts!...Time waits for no one!..and real talk no one really cares more than you should abt your time/life...Help be the author of your story...Boss up!!... Love,Live,Laugh😍🙏🤣
GM Kings & Queens!..plz listen to todays ep & enjoy ur day...Remember you can only do so much in a day even w/proper planning!...You want speed or accuracy?!..Learn to get into the habit of loving,living,& laughing!❤🙏🤣
Afternoon Kings & Queens!..Plz listen to today's wp & hmu w/your thoughts...Time waits for no one..Stop playing around lol...Do what ya gotta do to find that happy place...Love,Live,Laugh😍🙏🤣
Gm Kings & Queens!..plz listen to todays ep and hmu w/ur thoughts..Learn to make yourself a priority as well if you don't who will!..and cancel any space in ur life that shouldn't or deserve to hold that space...Love,Live,Laugh!❤🙏🤣💯
Gm Kings & Queens!...Happy Fri!!..Whats poppin?!..you need another option..if it aint workin for ya!!🤣🤣...Hope your workin on your list to happiness!..Learn that your feelings matter!...Love,Live,Laugh❤🙏🤣
Good Afternoon Kings & Queens!..Happy Friday!...Boost your own confidence. You don't need validation from anyone. Start your journey on finding what fufills you(makes your world brighter)...Please listen to todays ep & hmu w/your thoughts..Love,Live,Laugh!...❤🙏🤣
Gm Kings & Queens!...Sak pase!..Que lo que!..Que pasa!..What's happppeninn?🤣....Hope ur weekend was good!..back to da daily grind..I know..I know!..please listen to todays ep and hmu w/ur thoughts...Learn to be patient and do what's best for u!...Love,Live,Laugh!
GM Kings & Queens!..please listen to todays ep and hmu w/your thoughts..Neva knock anyones hustle but do what is a good fit for you and what you feel comfortable with..Get the bag!..You can get to where u need to be on different routes...What u do aint for everybody🤔🤷‍♀️❤...Love,Live,Laugh!❤🙏🤣
Gm Kings & Queens!..please listen to todays ep & hmu w/your thoughts!...Dont put your feelings on the back burner..give respect when its due and demand it for yourself..Learn to love,live,laugh..🥰🙏🤣#caribbean Hits Radio Station..***(Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as…
GM Kings & Queens!..Please listen to todays ep and hmu w/your thoughts..Master p. , Tim Norman It's, chopping it up & more.....It's your time now!..Learn to be happy make yourself a priority as well!..Love,Live,Laugh!..
Gm Kings & Queens!...Please listen to todays ep & hmu w/your thoughts. Lifr is way too short!..Stop w/the games and immaturity grow up, be happy and do whats good for you not what anyone else or society says it should be...nobody has to walk in your shoes but you!!...Be happy!...Love,Live,Laugh❤🙏🤣
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