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Skill Up

Skill Up

Take your professional skills to the next level with Skill Up. Each season brings quick and practical lessons for you to learn everything you need to know about the most sought-after business skills. Advance your career, show off your skills, and grow your business. Hosted by Matthew Brown.
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We are teaching the English way of thinking and linking sounds rules for the first 3 months and then the rhythm of English for the next 3 months. We don't teach it in a typical way but we will train you in a very practical way so that you can apply it to real situations.저자 Hello Spoken English
If you want to understand when native speakers speak in their natural speed, you need to hear various native speakers’ sounds and repeat them many times. In our lectures, you will see different English movies every 3 weeks, which means you can hear tons of different native speakers’ accents from our lectures. On top of that, we will teach you impro…
We would like to add another way for automation. You may think the way we will teach you is crazy, but in a normal way, you can’t train your mouth to speak like a native speaker.If you subscribe our lectures, you can meet it every day and then, your English will be upgraded dramatically.저자 Hello Spoken English
This is a sample file for listening practice. If you want to master spoken English, you need to practice every day. We designed it for you to repeat each sentence 3 times. Please leave your comments on our blog or subscribe to our lectures, we will send you the files by email. Shadow the audio at least 10 times a day, and then you can improve your …
Episode #1 - SpeakingThis is our first speaking lecture.If you want to speak like a native speaker, you need to practice until you can speak the expressions naturally and automatically.Your teacher Ann will teach you the secret today.If you want to practice more after the class, please leave your comments or subscribe to our lecture. We will provid…
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