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Each week comedy writers Matthew Skillington, John Patrick and Ryan Howes spin the "Feature Wheel" to see what game they’ll play, quiz they’ll struggle with, question they’ll answer or character they’ll meet. Play along at home with rejected by TV formats such as ‘How Long Do They Live For’, ‘Genuine or Johnuine’ and ‘What Tree Is Me?’. Remember, it’s not a feature unless it’s got a jingle (they’ve all got jingles).
A podcast hosted by Dr. Corey Gilbert Featuring ”issues” important to building healthy marriages and families. Dr. Gilbert uses his own kids to model hard conversations. He Interviews real people that overcame! Fight For, Protect, and Preserve MARRIAGE! It is worth fighting for. May this encourage and empower couples to build (and rebuild) a strong, HEALTHY Marriage! It is possible. It is worth the investment.
Teacher Features

Teacher Features

Kathryn Oberg and Jake Scott

Teacher Features is the podcast that explores what Hollywood gets right and wrong about education. In each episode we watch a movie that features a teacher. We then discuss what the teacher does well, what they do poorly, and what they could do to improve their teaching. Teacher Features is hosted by Kathryn Oberg and Jake Scott, two elementary school teachers in Minnesota.
Learn about pertinent news stories—in the format of short podcast episodes—that get to the heart of today’s most important issues in primary care with the Pri-Med News & Industry Features channel. Each news episode includes three distinct topics – jump to a topic of interest using helpful timestamps in each episode description. This channel also features podcasts covering practice management tips and key insights for treatments in various therapeutic areas.
Let's go over the Key Features of some of the most impressive, unique, and exciting cars out there! Brought to you by Primary Exotics, 'Key Features' is an audio show for exotic car lovers, who want to hear and learn more about their favorite vehicles. One car per episode, getting straight to the point, providing valuable information for any exotic car enthusiast. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/keyfeatures/support
Each episode, we pair two horror movies together and argue about why they make a good match! Join Bren and Paul for trivia, laughs, critical analysis, and a lot of fun. Podcast artwork by @brenwriteswords. Theme music by Lost Soul (lostsoulproductions.bandcamp.com). Find us on Twitter and Instagram @DoubleHorrorPod or email doublehorrorpod@gmail.com !
Features and benefits of Disney plus are the main parts of Disney plus but let’s see what actually Disney plus is? Disney plus have TV, movies, and much more content in it. Disney Plus is streaming live TV shows, sports, movies, etc. Walt Disney studios and TV are the providers of Disney plus TV shows and movies. The Disney plus is also well known for the add free shows and movies on it by Walt Disney. You can even enjoy many more movies, TV shows, and what else on Disney plus any device lik ...
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This week, @estebzz_ and @PostingProle talk Claire Denis, not Robert Pattinson, and "We're All Going to the World's Fair." BOTH SIDES OF THE BLADE (2022) dir. Claire Denis STARS AT NOON (2022) dir. Claire Denis WE'RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD'S FAIR (2021) dir. Jane Schoenbrun hosts: @estebzz_ @PostingProle…
In ths very special episode we speak to Matt's Mum Tina and his Auntie Elaine about the time they were contestantants on the seminal TV show Family Fortunes back in the early 90s (Les Dennis era) in their first in-depth, tell-all interview about the life changing experience... Support the show If you would like to support us on Patreon you can do s…
On this weeks episode we talk about the shit that's in our episode title. Why do we need a description and a title??? Is anyone even reading this???? If you read this, send us a poop emoji on one of our social platforms!!!!! Why are we wasting our time!?!?!?저자 Bonusfeaturespod
Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the door, but where's the people? Church attendance has been in decline for decades. Among people aged between 18 and 24, the incidence of religious affiliation is only 30.7%. If it were to drop below 30%, a special alarm will go off inside the Pope's hat, and he'll take off his hat and there'll be a spec…
#006 - Welcome to Farringtons Features, the school podcast where we talk to pupils, staff and to parents to find out more about Farringtons School. In this episode we’re getting into boarding life at school. Derry Snowdon is with us and he’s joined by two boarders Tomas and Lucia. This means we’re going to find out what a typical weekend looks like…
Rob made a trip to his alma mater, Springfield College to enlighten tomorrow's sports executives. He was also interviewed for the school newspaper that sent him into a tizzy. A long overdue "Rob Rant" was brought out by the ass-end of the spectrum of kids. We dive into how it's OK to be vulnerable and admit you don't have all the answers. Coming wi…
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