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Welcome to Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services taught by Pastor Gregg DeMey and Pastor Jeff Klein with occasional guest pastors, as well as our weekday devotionals. We hope you enjoy the messages and are encouraged by God’s Word.
Riverside CRC Sermons

Riverside CRC Sermons

Riverside Christian Reformed Church

Sundays at 10:15am. Every week, I pray that we see the beauty of the Gospel in a new way; one that challenges and strengthens us. And that every person finds their faith built up once again, that they might go out into their week assured of the promises of God and eager to live for Him. - Pastor Ben
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Senior Living Market Easing but Reprieve May be Brief After a year or two of hardening, the insurance market for senior living facilities took another hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s new wave of compounding challenges. Brokers working with these healthcare organizations were warned to keep a wary eye on increased liability and tighter un…
Summary: On this podcast, a first-person recap of Synod 2022, Gregg DeMey (Lead Pastor), Jennifer Stolzenbach (Deacon), and Caryn Rivadeneira (Director of Care) run through the events leading up to and the happenings at the Christian Reformed Church’s Synod — a once yearly denominational meeting of representatives of Christian Reformed Churches. To…
Today we will be returning to our summer series based on Women in the Old Testament by turning to Joshua 2:1-24, Rahab: On God’s Side. Rahab was a Canaanite prostitute who chose God over her own idols. Rahab, and the people of Canaan, had been watching Israel approach and God placed fear in their hearts as Israel set their sights on the land promis…
Matthew Rosencrans from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center takes us through the future of property risk, including hurricanes, climate change, and more. Is climate change causing sea levels to rise? The answer may surprise you! How many named storms will we see in 2022? According to the best data, what can we expect in the next 5 to 10 years? After…
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