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TFECON 2018 is a two-day dual track conference centered around the development and application of blockchain technology and the organizational paradigm the technology embodies. We bring the front-line voices from this conference to Castbox audience and share the latest in research, technology, application, and trends.
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Welcome to Crypto Tech TL;DR. Today is 14th April, My name is Sean. In today’s highlights: - Shiba Inu Metaverse goes live with ‘land bid event’ already happening - Wikipedia To Halt Crypto Donations Over Energy Concerns - Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Gets $280 Highest Bid in Reselling Auction - Meta to Charge Creators Up to 47.5% on Digital Sales in …
In this second episode of TechAtLast Podcast, we are going to be answering a question posted by one of TechAtLast community page followers last week, it reads: Are D D o S attacks the biggest nemesis for online gamers?In this episode, we are able to provide necessary answers to the questions and points on different ways to stay protected both as a …
Getting bored waiting in the doctor’s office or on the commute back home? Or is it a slow day at the office? How do you deal with boredom on a daily basis without getting lost in the process?We offer you a list of 10 amazing android apps that deal with boredom.
Blockchain & Gaming : La Blockchain au service des joueurs et de la transparence du jeu vidéo : rencontre avec Ubisoft et Piggy Breaker, vainqueur du hackathon Blockchain Heroes Enregistré le 4 juillet 2018 #gaming #ethereum #blockchain저자 The Trust Technology
Web 3.0 - Le projet Linnia, une architecture distribuée au service de la protection des données avec S. ZouarhiEnregistré le 21 février 2018 #linnia #consensys #webdecentralise #uport #ipfsbot #ethereum저자 The Trust Technology
Blockchains et registres distribués, normalisation et réglementation, Code is not lawEnregistré le 24 novembre 2017 #legaltech #smartcontract #ico #chaintech저자 The Trust Technology
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