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1. 정연씨가 좋아하는 음식을 몇가지 써 보세요.2. 고은씨는 집에 갈 때마다 먹을 수 있는데, 버클리에 있을 때는 거의 못 먹는 것은 뭐죠?3. 정연씨가 만두국을 어떻게 만드는지 설명을 다 끝나고나서 고은씨는 뭐라소 했어요?
It is getting cold here. In this kind of weather, 김치찌개 is just perfect. In this episode, we introduce some recipes using Kimchi and my (minsook) previous roommate kimchi diet. We have a special prize for those who suggested a good recipe for kimchi. You will get a free dinner ticket for two. We will announce who win here. Listen to podcast #4…
여러분 잘 있었어요? 공부가 잘 돼 가고 있죠? ^^ Our second podcast is out! You can download it from the link below or click on the "Subscribe to podcasts in a reader" link to subscribe to the podcasts through iTunes or another reader. Listen to podcast #2저자 (Berkeley Korean)
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