A Beast in Bayou LaFourche


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In 2015, I moved to Montana. I had always loved the idea of living in the mountains and exploring in nature. By 2016, I had finally become a resident, and was chomping at the bit to go on my first deer hunt, up in Little Bear Canyon, south of Bozeman. I had driven up the ten-mile access road, using my spotting scope along the way. I’d spotted a really nice mule deer buck along with a few does, up on the south side of Wheeler Mountain. I parked at the base, partially blocking an ATV trail to let people know the area was occupied. I walked for about a mile, then tested the wind.I figured if I went straight for them, they’d catch my scent, and my hunt would be over for the day. I decided to make my way around the mountain above them, and come down from the top. After about three hours of stalking carefully, making sure not to spook anything else that would alert the deer to my presence, I finally made it to the top. It was very thickly forested to one side, so I decided to stick close to that tree line for cover while I worked my way down to the deer. When I got about 30 yards from the trees, I began hearing some kind of grunting. I stopped, thinking maybe it was a bear, or some other large creature. I couldn’t make out the sound very well, but whatever it was definitely knew I was there, and was walking towards it. I took a knee and listened. It had grunted off and on for about five minutes, when I heard what sounded like a large branch breaking off. Now I was thinking it might be a moose. Everything went dead silent. I checked the place where I’d last seen the deer, to see if they were still there. They were, but now they were looking in my direction. I remained down on one knee, not moving an inch, and began slowing my breathing to try and keep calm. I thought whatever it was would lose interest in me and move off. I looked back over at the tree line, squinting to try and locate the source of all the noise. The sun was up all the way by now, warming my cheeks against the frosty air. It was about 7 AM. Shadows were casting everywhere in the forest. Another five minutes passed since I’d heard the limb snap, and I hadn’t heard anything else, so I turned my attention back to the deer. I didn’t want to walk into the forest after all that noise, so I looked for a different route to get down to them. I saw one game trail that was my best and – due to the fresh layer of snow that had fallen that morning – my least slippery, option. Unfortunately, it took me closer to the thick forest. With my hand resting on the grip of my sidearm, I started walking towards the trail. I was only about ten yards from the trees when a perfectly healthy, maybe eight inch in diameter, lodge pole pine fell across the trail I was planning to take. At this point I was feeling very nervous.So, I decided maybe something or someone was just saying, ‘this isn’t your day.’ And, since sound of the crashing tree had sent the deer bounding over to the next ridge, I made the decision to not test whatever was stopping me.I turned around and went back to my truck, following the same way I came. I have a great respect for nature and conservation. I’ve hunted deer since I have been old enough to hunt on my own, and I listen very closely to what nature tells me. In 2015, I not only moved to Montana, I also got my CDL. Needless to say, I have spent a lot of time trucking in Montana. Here is my second encounter. At the beginning of 2019, in early February, I was asked to haul a load of hay down to the Utah-Idaho state line. The weather was bad the night before, so I decided to leave a couple of hours later than usual, to allow the road crews time to sand the roads. It was exactly 9:18 AM. I will never forget it. I was about 30 miles south of Ennis, Montana, going about 45 mph. The roads were still a little slick, and I was taking my time and being careful. I was almost to the point where the road parallels the Madison River. As I rounded the bend, I looked down into the clearing across the river, and there it was. It was about 150 yards from the road, covered in black hair from head to toe. It was walking back toward the forest, but it stopped and turned to look back at me. Its shoulders were extremely broad, and it was incredibly tall. Its hair was blowing in the strong wind that was coming off the canyon. I had a perfect view of it. There was no question about what I was seeing. There was a small mound up ahead that was going to block my view for a split second, so I slowed down. When I came to the mound, I decided if I saw it again on the other side, I was going to stop and try to get a picture. It was still there, but running toward the forest now.By the count of three, it had covered the roughly 200 yards from the river to the forest, and it was gone. I called a friend of mine who lives in Indiana, first. He’s a strong believer in bigfoot. I told him what I saw. He said, “Finally, I’m not alone.” I’ve always loved movies and stories of bigfoot.My wife and I have often talked about the possibilities of seeing one. She’s somewhat of a believer, so I called her next. I had debated about telling her, and for good reason. Our conversation went something like this:

ME: Good morning, Darlin’. You’ll never believe what I just saw.

HER: What did you see?

ME: I finally saw a bigfoot.

HER: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Yeah, right.

ME: No!Seriously.

HER: I want to believe you. Any other time, I would have…if you hadn’t been watching bigfoot documentaries all weekend.

ME: [crickets chirping]

We love to go back to this conversation. We like to tease each other about it. But I don’t think she will ever believe me, until she sees one for herself.Unfortunately, we may never go back to where I saw it. We recently moved to Texas for my work. Hopefully, one day, on one of our mountain excursions, we will get another glimpse at one of these amazing creatures.


Long before Bigfoot, or what is also known as “Sasquatch” in the northwestern United States and Canada, was North America’s most popular legendary monster; my late father, Louis, would tell of an experience he had with a similar creature when he was a young boy living on Bayou LaFourche in southern Louisiana. My Father was 10-years-old at the time and his younger brother, Lloyd, was approximately 7. My Father was born in 1932 so this would have occurred in the early 1940s; a quarter century before the Patterson/Gimlin film that made bigfoot a common phenomenon. My Father would vividly recall this day in great detail. He said he could remember how it was a beautiful sunny morning and my grandmother had sent him and his brother to pick snap beans along the levee near the Bayou for dinner. He and his brother both quickly gathered their buckets from off the back porch, glad to be able to get away from home to enjoy a beautiful sunny morning away from their mother’s watchful eye. While they picked snap beans along the rows of the levee, they began to smell a horrible stench.My Father remembered it to be similar to the smell of rotten eggs, only worse. My father and Uncle Lloyd decided that the horrible smell was more than likely the decaying remains of an animal. Because unpleasant orders were commonplace on the farm, this did not initially set off any alarms of what would soon become one of the most terrifying moments of their young lives. They knew their mother wanted them to fill their buckets with snap beans and return home in sufficient time for her to prepare them to cook for dinner. They decided they would pick more than enough so there would be no need for them to return to the levee. They were enjoying their time together, but that awful stench was becoming unbearable. Just when they decided they had picked enough snap beans to sufficiently satisfy my grandmother’s needs for dinner and possibly supper; they picked up their overflowing buckets to head home. All of a sudden, they heard a frightening guttural growl. My Father said it sounded like someone who was heavily congested clearing their throat but much deeper. The rotten egg stench was now even thicker in the air. Suddenly, a manlike creature covered in long stringy dark brown matted wet hair walked out of the wooded area near the bayou and stood there right in front of my father and uncle! My father said he could distinctly remember that this creature was only about 30 to 50 feet away, and he could clearly see that it had a face that looked human but with huge, jagged teeth. The creature then let out a terrifying, piercing scream and turned and jumped into the bayou and swam away! My father said it was as if everything from that point was in slow motion. He remembered dropping his full bucket of snap beans and grabbing his brother by the arm, as if all in one movement. Uncle Lloyd then dropped his full bucket spilling all the contents on the ground.The two of them started running as fast as they could back towards their house! My grandmother’s version of the events of that fateful morning made it all the more credible because my grandmother was never one to embellish a story. She said she looked out of the window and saw my father and uncle running toward the house!She said that she knew instantly they were not playing a game but that something terrible had happened. She initially believed they had been threatened by white men as this was southern Louisiana and lynchings of blacks were not uncommon at that time. She ran out of the house to meet them. They were both shaking and crying uncontrollably. She hastily sent one of my aunts to the field to get my grandfather to let him know something terrible had happened to the boys! By the time my grandfather reached the house, my father and uncle had calmed down sufficiently enough to talk. My grandmother was confident that whatever happened they would not dare lie to their father. When my grandfather asked them to tell him what had happened, they recount seeing a hairy manlike creature near the bayou. Through heavy heaving they described how this Bayou Beast had walked out of the trees and screamed at them with a high-pitched scream and jumped in the bayou and swam away! Because they had none of the snap beans they had spent all morning picking, and they both were still visibly shaken, my grandfather was confident they were telling the truth. My Father would often end this story by saying he did not know what he feared the most, the hairy manlike creature with the loud piercing scream or my grandfather not believing them! My father said he was so relieved when my grandfather turned to my grandmother and said, “These boys are not lying, they saw some type of creature. I am certain of it.” It is My Father’s vivid recounting of his encounter that made me know Sasquatch is Real, Oh Yeah!

I also recently missed having my very own daytime encounter. On January 28, 2019, my sister and I both met up on a connecting flight to Birmingham, Alabama for my son’s wedding. We picked up our rental car at the airport began our hour and a half trip to Huntsville, Alabama.

This journey was one I have made many times by car as I lived in Huntsville, Alabama for over ten years. However, this particular day, I was turned around as to how to leave the airport and connect with the highway to take me to Huntsville.After driving for about 30 minutes, we decided to stop and get a bite to eat. My sister was bewildered as to how I could be so turned around and unable to get my bearings. I had only been gone from this area for six years! She was growing impatient. Finally, we were on the correct exchange and headed to Huntsville. We even talked about what possibly made me so scatter brained and confused! We both had a good laugh and chalked it up to old age—not that we would be considered old—but we laughed it off and looked forward to the next few days and my son’s wedding. Just as we made the exchange onto Interstate 565 leading into Huntsville; I decided to call my soon to be Daughter-in-Law to let her know we would be at her house shortly. I was driving and talking to her via Bluetooth so I knew exactly what time it was; it was 3:05 PM. My sister then looked at me and said with this really blank look on her face, “I just saw a sasquatch!” I looked at her and initially thought she was talking about a billboard or a sign for a business.

I ended my phone call and turned to her and said, “What did you say?”

She repeated, “I just saw a Sasquatch!”

I said, “You are joking right?!”Strangely, my sister and I have never discussed the topic of sasquatch or bigfoot.

She then said, “No, I was looking at this thing crouched down off the side of the road as if it were trying to conceal itself in the trees!” She said, “You were driving slowly so you could enter the highway and I could see it clearly! Then she added, “First, I thought, what is an Orangutan doing out here?!” She went on, “Then I realized, I’m looking at a Sasquatch!”

There are no words to explain how I, being a bigfoot enthusiast, felt realizing that I just missed having my own daylight sighting in the safety of a car!

I told my Sister, “Apparently, that is what all my confusion was about in trying to leave Birmingham!” Because had we not had all of that trouble leaving Birmingham you would never have had your sighting!

We had a quick visit with my son and his soon-to-be wife and told them about my sister’s sighting! They found it to be extremely humorous, but I was a bag of nerves because I knew she was telling the truth! I couldn’t wait to check into the hotel so she could give me even more details of what she could remember in that brief moment. She did say the creature was pale-skinned and had a face that looked more Neanderthal than ape. And it had long stringy red hair! It had a thick brow-ridge and a really huge face. The head was cone-shape but not really as pronounced as in the Patterson/Gimlin film. She said, it looked more manlike than ape. Of course, I reminded my sister of our Father’s encounter on Bayou LaFourche.She said she remembered it and that she had always believed my father was telling the truth, but now she was certain of it! I really hate that there appear to be so many encounters all over North America and other parts of the world and people have been made to keep their sightings and encounters to themselves. I do believe the more people that share their encounters the more it will minimize the stigma around it, and mainstream scientists will have to take this subject more seriously.

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