Ep 42. The Creature from Jekyll Island with Author Edward Griffin. Wake Up Podcast


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On the latest episode of Wake Up, I am joined by G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, Founder of the Red Pill University and The Red Pill Expo.

This is a wide ranging discussion with one of the most revered authors of our time. A man who exposed the transgressions of the central banking cartels, not just in the USA, but around the world.

We discuss so many things, including:

What was the initial objective of the Jekyll Island meet

- The formation of a cartel, leading to a monopoly.

Diffusion of banking power prior to Fed Reserve

- Means localised damage, and a corrective function toward better banking.

The Bailout Game

- Shifting losses to tax payers (socialism)

The Mandrik mechanism

The allure of socialism and its entry into the US system.

The Fabian’s and the creation of the IMF, world bank and global socialism

The conditions imposed by the IMF include mandating omnipotence on the part of the borrowing government

Africa as an example. More aid, more poverty.

Planned starvation and resettlement programs funded by the world bank.

Conquered by money not by arms

Intrinsic Value VS Objects with properties that some may find valuable.

- Money should not have any commodity use

- Money should be whatever each individual

The difference between fiat & organic money

Fiat is Enforced from the centre

Organic is Chosen at the edge, ie; the level of the individual.

It’s voluntary

If fractional money always degenerates into fiat money, then there is no mechanism for a sound money system without global, decentralised verification. Hence bitcoin.

A physical object cannot scale.

Bitcoin. The reemergence of Honest Banking. Honest banking is a function of easy, cheap verifiability. Trust don’t verify.

In the absence of a government bailout, we have a second form of accountability. Bankruptcy.

Bitcoin makes the mandrik mechanism economically impossible. No bailout.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

If you’ve not read The Creature from Jekyll Island yet, I highly recommend you add it to your list.

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