Ep 34 - The Revolutionary Phenotype & Emergence of Life on Earth with Jean-François Gariépy (JFG).


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Ep 34 of Wake Up is probably the most educational I've done to date, at least in relation to biological evolution, how humanity came to be, and where it may be headed if we're not careful.

Jean-François Gariépy, YouTuber, biologist and author of the revolutionary phenotype joins me to discuss his new book, alongside the biological evolution of humanity and life on earth.

We look at his elegant theory of how DNA has become the dominant life form on earth, and his extremely sound challenge to Dawkin's and others claims that Memes are actually a "real" replicator life form.

We also discuss:

- Quantum Darwinism and how that may be the base state
- What a Zombie apocalypse would look like, and why it would fail.

There was soooo much more in here too, including:

Definitions of:

- Phenotype VS replicator
- General VS revolutionary phenotypes

- Genes
- Memes
- Tremes
- Qenes
- Cremes

Why Not all Qenes are made equal

Problems for revolutionary phenotypes

- Forgetfulness
- Naked Warrior Problem
- Trickster printer & fool replicators

How 1 & 2 are Both solved with the Replicator Tango, and if a draw emerges in #3, then it leads to problem #4.

In this model, we discover where Memes fail.

- Replicator tango’s are a form of delegation.
- Memes work with problem 1 & 2
- Memes fail on #3.
- This is because Memes are Fool replicators & fail if they compete with the trickster printers. Cancer is a great example.

JFG calls this the "Principle of mutational servitude".
Our genes are the trickster printer for the fool replicators that are memes.

Problem 4: The printer replacement problem.
DNA won this battle (clearly).

It's proven by:
“The principle of everlasting fingerprints”

Adding layers to the genetic code.
The upper layer encodes the lower layer.
Each genetic code layer is the remnant or evidence of a prior phenotypic revolution.

We also dig into the idea of Quantum Darwinism (fascinating stuff).
The idea of proteins encoding quantum states.

Abiogenesis VS Proteins & Quantum Evolution
Phenotypic Revolutions all the way down.

We discuss the The Phenotypic Separation Theory of Sex

- The origins of sex
- The 2 step process of Meiosis, and how it emerged despite it's unlikelihood.
- How through separation it somehow solved problem 1, but done away with problems 2 - 4.

Toward the end we discuss the warning of the book, ie; "The End of DNA", and teh story of the Natural's VS the Chosen's.

The Path to QNA

I pose some challenges to JFG, ie;

- Problems with genetic adjustment.
- Could the geneticists just fuck themselves up more?
- Is the complexity too great?

Where does it lead?

Quantum World?? -- Proteins — RNA — DNA -- ???

Lastly, we cap it off with discussions on:

Where does the idea of “god” or the “divine” fit and the idea of humans being of the divine ?

So are proteins created in the image of God?

Rebuttal against the guys who think Darwinism & natural selection is mathematically impossible

What is Consciousness?

Soooooo much to digest in this one.

Listen, enjoy, learn & share.

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Thanks again for listening.

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