Ep 3. Diversity & Discrimination (Part 2)


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Recorded when this new stupid legislation came out enforces non-discrimination in the work place based on sexual orientation, extending from race, nationality and whatever else they have in there.

Soon enough it will extend to IQ, intellect, and every other “minority” complaint so as a business you’ll no longer have ANY choice as to who to hire, because you’ll get sued for any number of reasons.

So much for freedom of speech and the right to choose.

I literally just recorded on this the other day, so I’m going to add a little more in this video.

Forcing someone to make a decision based on your notion of morality is violence!!!

This new law is a form of violence perpetrated by the state.

Let’s use an example to illustrate it’s stupidity:

The LGBTQ community has fought for a while (especially the LGBs) to be recognised as a legitimate sub-section fo society. And that’s fine. Especially things like Gay marriage etc.

That’s a non-violent act of 2 people eloping. I personally have no interest in it, but if two people of the same se love each other & wanna get it on, go for it. I'm happy for you!

I’m glad that they stood up & fought for the right to do that. The very fact that they needed to actually fight for it pisses me off anyway, because it just shows how insane society is. We give up our moral agency to state institutions that supposedly “know better”.

So anyway. LGBs in particular, got some well deserved wins. And I’m happy for them.

They should also join us in defunding the very clowns they had to ask permission for, so they don’t have to ever be subject to such begging ever again..

But now with this law. Let’s say you’ve got a business full of gay people, and your edge is that you hire gay people only because you guys all share common values, mental models, tastes & styles. It’s a part of your USP. Should you not be allowed to do that? Is it not discrimination now that if you don’t hire some straight guy, who’s nothing like you to come in and work with you?

How would you feel if the government turned around tomorrow & said, nope; you have to hire this person "because discrimination laws”.

Like seriously. How can you give the state that power.

Private property implies you have the right to choose (ie; the very definition of discrimination) what you can & will do with YOU own property (whether it’s you, your stuff or your mind).

It's nobody else’s right to force you to do otherwise.

By enforcing these laws, you remove personal agency and responsibility.

You basically admit that you don’t actually own anything, nor do you own yourself. You’re just a subject of the government; or a “vessel” that fulfils a duty that you’ve neither agreed to or understand.

Welcome to the matrix. Congratulations you’re now a drone. No free will.

It’s time to Wake Up.


Thanks again for listening.

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