Did Jesus Replace Judaism? A Response to Andy Stanley


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Did Jesus oppose Judaism and come to replace it with his brand-new religion of Christianity? Was ancient Judaism a legalistic religion of works-righteousness? Did Jesus make the Law obsolete? Many people assume the answer to all these questions is yes. But is that true? In this video, we tackle these questions, building the case that the way Jesus teaches, lives, and debates situates him within Second Temple Judaism. Pastor Andy Stanley precisely articulates the way many Christians answer the questions above. So, in this video, we interact with some of the points he makes in his book, Irresistible: Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleashed for the World.
0:00 - Intro
2:54 - What did "Judaism" mean during the time of Jesus?
4:33 - The fundamental problem with the idea that Jesus opposed Judaism
6:54 - Jesus teaches the heart of the Torah (Mark 12.30-31)
13:57 - Jesus wears tzitzit and tefillin (Matt 9.20; 23.5) 15:25 - Jesus observes Jewish traditions
16:13 - Jesus debates with Pharisees on what is lawful on the Sabbath (Matt 12.11-13)
28:11 - Was ancient Judaism a legalistic religion of works-righteousness?
35:38 - Did Jesus make the Law obsolete? (Response to Pastor Andy Stanley's reading of Matt 5.17)
46:06 - Summary 47:07 - Current scholarship on Jesus within Judaism
49:31 - Conclusion
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