TE #67 Kosmic Consciousness - A Perspective Shifting Look At Our Reality With Gabriella Kovalenko


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Yes I just ended up changing the title to KOSMOS..
Gabi Kovalenko is a rising transformational thought leader with a vision of catalyzing positive global change via individual empowerment. By unfolding human potential through a quantum-physics-based look on reality creation, Gabi shines the light on the power of consciousness to promote mindful living with a perspective-shaping philosophy backed by noetic science and positive psychology.
Her approach revitalizes spiritual concepts by offering a refreshing take on the self-evident truth of Universal order that connects people to their inner wisdom and purpose. Trained as a holistic healthcare practitioner, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in natural medicine as well as a business degree. Gabi's passion lies in inspiring a fresh awareness of life by disarming limiting beliefs with self-awareness and igniting a paradigm shift towards joy, abundance, love, passion, and freedom to help an individual construct the inner world of their choosing and, in doing so, contribute to the formation of a better one for us all."
Connect With Gabi:
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Topics discussed:
• Gabi's Story and Passions
•Purpose To Do Vs Purpose To Be
•Influential teachers
•Reincarnation/ life as a step of many.
•Not judging roles people are playing in this world
•Why are we here ?
•What are we ?
•You are not your thoughts, emotions, behaviours etc
•Exploring What happens upon death
• My psychedelic experience
•Psychedelics as teachers
•Afterlife experiences from people in hypnosis and past life regressions
•Exploring suffering
•Where are we as a collective.. Kindergarten, year 1 or puberty??

I hope you enjoy this episode !

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