Rafa Conde - How to Become a MAN (Protector Nation Podcast ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ) EP 39


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Rafa Condรฉ is a man amongst men with an impressive tactical background who has taken on the righteous cause of helping men improve themselves. As protectors we will find ourselves in many different battles serving many different causes but right now at this time men need strong role models and maps, to help them find their masculinity more now than ever before. The powers that are smart enough to know that the weaker the men, the more vulnerable is the society and therefore if they can make a soft and pliable then the whole entire world is theirs. โ—„ Matthew 12:29 โ–บ I have the upmost respect for Rafa and what he is doing for the world because the world is going to be a safer, more loving and better place the healthier we all can be as men and women. We talk about many things during this episode on both sides of the aisle and Rafa dispenses much wisdom from his experiences and travels. Thereโ€™s something in here for everyone God bless and Semper Fi! Protector by nature and by trade Byron Rodgers Visit https://www.instagram.com/manofwarpodcast/ for more

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