Thomas Praxedes - Afghanistan Update (Protector Nation Podcast ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ) EP 31


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Thomas Praxedes is easily one of the best Marines I had the honor of serving with. He was my big brother when I got to my unit 31 Lima company weapons platoon. He was a stand-out Fallujah marine and he was with me as we kicked off the battle for Haditha and Iraq. I was literally in his squad as we ran into the city behind tanks and trenches we had just blown through a minefield at something like 3:30 AM in the morning. He taught me how to fight, kept me alive, and helped me understand what war was all about in the first place. He went on to fight in Afghanistan and retired as a gunnery sergeant of Marines. I tell you this to help you understand why it doesnโ€™t surprise me at all that he is still trying to do what he can to represent America well and help those who have helped us. Currently, heโ€™s assisting in the evacuation of those who have helped our great nation in Afghanistan and this podcast is all about the real-world situation on the ground. This conversation is also designed to ring the alarm and hopefully attract people, relationships and any assets that may help in the endeavor of rescuing those who helped us during a time of war but are now stuck behind enemy lines. This podcast is all about protectors and that is why I think it is important that we take a look and how he is doing what he can to protect even as a veteran outside of the Armed Forces. Thereโ€™s something we can all do so figure it out, grab a tool, make a contribution and letโ€™s make this world a safer place by utilizing the skills we all bring to the table. There is something in this episode for everyoneโ€ฆ ENJOY! Protector by nature and by trade Byron For more, visit

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