Fabio Spinella - My Own Defender - (Protector Nation Podcast ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ) EP 37


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Fabio is a perfect example of what one civilian can do if he truly wants to become an elite Protector. One of the things I love about him the most is simply that he is a civilian who has chosen a path that has empowered him to perform at some of the highest levels in the game with regards to not only professional protection at times but also he also empowers others to become efficient protectors also. People ask me all the time how they can begin learning how to use firearms and in these turbulent times, this question is all too relevant. I repeatedly send them to Fabio because not only does he perform at those levels that many of us simply just dream of achieving one day but heโ€™s also an amazing instructor that understands firearms on so many levels that heโ€™s able to meet people where theyโ€™re at and teach them very effectively. He has experience learning and implementing these skills through competitions and an ocean of courses and therefore he understands what information out there is garbage and what actually works when it comes strictly to performance. In a world where thereโ€™s so much hype, theory and artificial tactics designed more as a marketing strategy than to empower the shooter to surviveโ€ฆ Men like Fabio are so needed as leaders and instructors within the firearms community today. If youโ€™ve just purchased a firearm please keep in mind that the firearm youโ€™ve selected is way less important than the training you choose because thatโ€™s ultimately what will run that weapon and can save your life. I cannot stress the importance of training enough. We have a saying in the personal protection game, โ€œrookies spend money on hardware while professionals spend money on softwareโ€œ. My advice is for you to get involved in some of Fabioโ€˜s training no matter where youโ€™re at in your firearms skills because I guarantee thereโ€™s so much more left to learn that he will show you. Beyond all of these things Fabia was a close friend and someone at the table of my inner circleโ€ฆ Thereโ€™s so much in this interview for everyone, enjoy. Protector by nature and by trade Byron For more, visit https://myowndefender.com/ https://instagram.com/myowndefender

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