Lets talk Water/Wastewater with Estimating & Preconstruction Manager Kevin Waddell at Burns & McDonnell ๐Ÿ˜


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Gareth our host caught up with Kevin Waddell the Estimating & Preconstruction Manager at Burns & McDonnell who works on Design & Build Water projects across the US.

We discuss:

- Specializing in Water/Wastewater

- Benefits of Design & Build: Collaboration

- Field experience: Deep dive into the importance of seeing things being built

- Growth of Water/Wastewater: 20 years ago a $15m project was big, its now $200M+

- Investing in Infrastructure: Allocating for maintenance of the US Infrastructure.

- The skills of getting 5% of the cost of a project in the design stage.

- The escalation of process and its effect: Managing the owner's risk. Contingency plan/budget.

Feel free to connect with Kevin Waddell via the link below:


Kevin's Blog link: https://www.wateronline.com/doc/designing-for-procurement-can-help-alleviate-supply-chain-headaches-0001

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