#081 - Dr. Ben Lynch: Understanding Your “Dirty” Genes, Cleaning Up SNPs, Microbiome Health & Diversity, MTHFR, Medications, Histamine Intolerance, Glutathione, And More!


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6:55 - Ben's Background

12:10 - The Purpose Genetic Expression of SNPs

16:55 - Addressing Dirty Genes

19:35 - Which Genes Didn't Make It Into The Book

20:40 - NOS3

21:40 - Breathing Exercise

23:10 - Explaining Common Problems With Genes

25:15 - Medication Causing Dirty NOS3

28:00 - Cleaning Up NOS3

28:20 - Other Causes Of Dirty NOS3; Overtraining

30:40 - Keto And High Protein Diets

33:05 - Nitrogen Balance

35:25 - Producing Ammonia After Eating Protein​

37:10 - Elevated BUN

39:40 - Carnitine Synthesis

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42:50 - Carnivore

45:15 - GST/GTX And Hydrogen Peroxide

48:25 - Aspirin And Gut Health

50:00 - Serrapeptase To Replace Aspirin

51:10 - Metformin And Histamine Intolerance

57:05 - DAO And Histamine Overload

58:50 - Low Reactive Diets And Microbiome Diversity

1:01:05 - Histamine Degrading Probiotics

1:02:20 - Supporting Glutathione

1:06:15 - Side Effects Of Glutathione

1:09:10 - Supplements

1:12:35 - IV Glutathione

1:15:20 - Overwhelming Your Body With Glutathione And IV Chelation

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1:18:40 - MTHFR

1:23:55 - MTHFR And Cofactors

1:25:50 - Supplementing Methyl Folate

1:26:45 - Balancing Supplements

1:28:20 - PQQ Balancing Glutathione

1:29:50 - Folic Acid

1:34:40 - Folic Acid Enrichment In Processed Foods

1:36:00 - COMT/MAOA: Genes Associated With Dopamine And Serotonin

1:39:25 - COMT/MAOA Effect On PMS

1:41:40 - COMT/MAOA Effect On Sleep

1:48:50 - Genetic Testing Results​​​​

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